Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza TKO’s Chris Weidman In All-Out War At UFC 230

Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza and Chris Weidman went to war in the co-main event of UFC 230 this evening, and though the former champion Weidman appeared to be edging the action in the first two rounds it was Jacare who applied more pressure in the final frame and emerged with a huge TKO victory.

Round One:

Jacare takes the center of the cage, but Weidman lands a three-piece combo. Leg kick for Jacare. Weidman feels out with the jab. Overhand just misses from Jacare.

Muay thai clinch from Weidman and he lands a couple of knees upstairs before Jacare shoves him away. Weidman looking to work the jab and just avoids a right hand from Jacare.

left and rights from Weidman and one seems to wobble Jacare’s legs. Weidman stays patient. Jacare lands a body shot. Weidman lands to the head of Jacare again.

Leg kick for Jacare. Weidman puts some power being a left and right, but it comes up a little short. A couple of punches do then connect from Weidman.

Jab and a right hand for Weidman. Jacare bleeding from the nose now. He lands a leg kick though. Jabs for Weidman. Good liver punch from Jacare.

Exchange in close and Jacare lands a knee and then both land a punch apiece and separate. Weidman stalking Jacare to end the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Jacare. One-two for Weidman and a leg kick. Then back to the jab. He lands a short right hand and Jacare connects with a right too.

Leg kick for Weidman. One in return from Jacare, but it’s checked. Triple jab for Weidman. Jacare gets in close and works punches. A few lands and then a big right. Jacare really stepping up the pressure here and puts Weidman on the back foot. In the clinch exchanging knees now.

Hard right hand for Weidman and Jacare hits reverse gear momentarily. Weidman recognises it, but isn’t able to capitalize. Weidman narrowly avoids getting clocked by a knee.

Jacare stepping forward throwing hard punches. Right hand and uppercuts for Jacare. Weidman trying for the body shot but doesn’t quite connect.

Right hook for Weidman. He’s stalking Jacare on the oustide. Body kick for Jacare. Body punch for Weidman. Head kick attempt from Jacare, but Weidman catches it and tries to bring him down. Jacare getting his feet under him and Weidman drives him to the cage.

Weidman brings Jacare down on his knees, but he spins and looks to get on top. Weidman opts to stand and just avoids a winging punch from Jacare as he does so as the round comes to an end.

Round Three:

Jab for Weidman to start. Leg kick for Jacare as Weidman continues to punch the jab. Weidman with a right hand and a kick to the body.

Jacare with a body punch and a leg kick. Right hand for Jcare. They start swinging and both are getting clipped. Jacare connecting again.

Weidman with a one-two down the pipe. Big knee to the body from Weidman. Clinch and Jacare looking to strike. Back to striking range. Good uppercut from Weidman. Straight punches from Weidman now. Right hands from Weidman just landing light. Jacare with a knee.

Weidman tries for a flying knee. Body kick from Jacare. Right hand for Weidman. Body kick for Jacare. Clipping right hand from him, then a short flurry of punches.

Jacare upstairs and then to the body. Suddenly Jacare lands a big punch to the temple and Weidman’s legs shut down and he gets toppled hard to the mat.

Weidman is essentially half-conscious on the mat and Jacare thinks the fight should be over and he might be right. Weidman reaches for his legs though and so the ref decides not to stop it just yet. Jacare reluctantly lands a couple of more punches and that does bring an end to the fight by TKO at 2.46mins of the final round.

Crazy fight then with both men taking huge shots, but in the end it’s Jacare’s last round aggression and heavy leather that wins the day and puts him back on track for a title shot.