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Rose Namajunas Produces Huge Upset TKO Victory Over Joanna Jedrezjczyk At UFC 217

Rose Namajunas is your new UFC women’s strawweight champion after producing a stunning upset technical knockout win over Joanna Jedrezjczyk tonight at UFC 217.

Round One:

The women’s strawweight champion title fight is underway in New York City!

Namajunsa pumps out a one-two, but doesn’t find the target. Jedrezjczyk with a leg kick. One-two for JJ. Now a jab. Right hand for Namajunas.

Jedrezjczyk flashes out her straight right. Right hand for Namajunas and JJ fires back with a short flurry of punches and a head kick attempt.

Suddenly Namajunas lands a punch and drops the champion! Namajunas follows her to the floor and tries to make her ground game work, but JJ does well to quickly get back to her feet.

Namajunas piecing punches together again and she’s got off to a good start here, finding a home for her punches where others have failed to do so against the champion.

Namajunas suddenly connects with a huge left hook and it takes Jedrezjczyk’z legs out and she collapses to the canvas badly hurt!

JJ gets to her knees under fire, but Namajunas hammers away at her with ground and pound until Jedrezjczyk appeared to tap, just as the referee was getting ready to stop the fight, though officially it’s declared as a TKO victory at 3.03mins of the first round.

What a stunning upset from the 25-year-old Namajunas, beating the former dominant champion on the feet in the opening five minutes, an outcome which few would have predicted.

As for Jedrezjczyk, her reigns finally comes to an end without tying Ronda Rousey for the title defense record and it’ll be interesting to see how she bounces back from this tough loss that also derails her unbeaten record.

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