UFC 163 is headlined by a featherweight title fight between reigning champion Jose Aldo and ‘The Korean Zombie’ and you can hear what both men have to say about their upcoming encounter on August 3rd below.

Jose Aldo:

Key Quote:

“I do think [Jung] fights very wide open, he leaves a lot of opportunities to be struck. So if that’s the way he really wants to fight then that’s the way I want to fight as well.

I have to be ready to take the fight wherever it may go, whether that’s five rounds or a long fight or even if it’s a short fight. I have to be ready for anything that might come up.”

The Korean Zombie:

Key Quote:

“We are similar in terms of striking. Many people think Aldo is superior to me in striking, but I don’t think so. The biggest difference is Aldo’s power in his striking. My style is weakening my opponent little by little. Aldo does it with one big KO strike. I think he has a weakness on the ground. I’ll be pushing for it.”