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UFC Adjusts Reebook Fighter Payout Structure

The UFC have announced adjustments to Reebok’s sponsorship payout structure that will benefit fighters at the lowest end of the current payscale.

In the past any fighters who have between 0-5 fights were paid $2500 per fight, but now those with between 0-3 fights will be getting a slight increase to $3500, while those with 4-5 fights will be merged with those who have between 6-10 bouts, meaning that they will all now get $5000 per fight.

In essence it’s a $1000 rise for those who have between 0-3 fights, and a $2500 raise for those between 4-5 fights.

“This gives the shorter-tenured fighters on our roster an increase,” UFC executive Lawrence Epstein told ESPN. “We felt this was the most impactful, meaningful way to get more money to our athletes.”

All the other existing tiers stay the same, but for every fighter on the roster there have also been some amendments to their promotional obligations to Reebok.

That includes all fighters being required to provide four hours of of ‘advance’ fight promotion, six hours of fight-week promotion and one hour of post-fight promotion each time they compete in the UFC, in addition to everyone having to be available for one, eight-hour commercial shoot on two occasions per year.

Furthermore, main and co-main event fighters will be expected to permit UFC filming access up to eight days before a fight.

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