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Wang Guan Beats Alex Caceres At UFC Fight Night 122

Wang Guan gave the Chinese fans in Shanghai something to cheer about tonight at UFC Fight Night 122 as he produced a hard-hitting performance against Alex Caceres to emerge with a decision victory.

Round One:

Caceres goes for a leg kick, but is countered by a punch to the head. Guan lands again as he finds his range early. hard leg kick for Caceres, but he still needs to watch those counters.

Leg kick for Guan now. They head into the clinch and there’s an unfortunate moment as both men land an illegal knee to the groin at the same time! Guan takes some time to recover and then they get back to it.

leg kick for Caceres. Swift body kick and a punch behind it from Guan. Both men look to land at close range and Guan lands a big elbow to the head that wobbles Caceres, but he recovers quickly.

Guan pressing forward and Caceres clinches up to buy himself some time and perhaps get the fight to the floor. Guan gets away though and is back to striking range.

Punches misses with an uppercut and Guan is looking to counter every time. Guan with a leg kick. A punch apiece landed. overhand left for Caceres gets through, but the follow-up superman punch doesn’t.

Hard blow lands for Guan and this time it’s Caceres who returns fire. Good body kick for Caceres. Overhand right misses for Gaun.

Suddenly Guan lands a short left that floors Caceres. Guan flurries for the finish on the mat, but the bell saves Caceres. However, Caceres is very slow to his feet and then wobbles back to his stool. He’s still badly hurt.

Round Two:

Caceres looks more stable as he comes out for the second round. Guan lands a straight punch to the head, but Caceres looks to strike back to show he’s still in the fight.

Guan is being patient here and that gives Caceres some time to recover. However Guan then lands again to the head and sends Caceres backwards. Caceres lands an illegal groin strike. That could give him some time to recouperate while his opponent recovers, but Guan quickly says he wants to continue.

Caceres starting to work his kicks again and looks to have his legs fully under him now, but Guan is still posing a serious threat. Head kick from Guan just misses Caceres head.

Overhand from Caceres misses and Guan clinches his back. He breaks free though. Right hand lands for Guan. Now a leg kick. Just short on another striaght right.

Straight left gets through for Caceres. Head kick misses as does a counter-combo from Guan. Body kick for Caceres in the final 10 seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Caceres with a lot of work to do here. He lands an early leg kick. Superman punch misses. Head kick attempt blocked. Caceres steps in and is greeted with a stiff left hand to the head.

Big body punch for Guan after he catches a kick. Straight right lands and again drops Caceres, but this time he’s quickly back up.

Guan presses him to the cage and Caceres goes upstairs with a knee then moves away. Caceres back on the attack, but he’s still reckless with his defense and that’s a real concern.

Caceres slips to the mat from an overzealous head kick attempt, but gets back up safely. Right hand lands again for Guan. Uppercut backs up Guan. Now a kick to the body.

Short flurry from Caceres doesn’t quite find the target. Hook afterwards does graze Guan though. Body kick for Caceres. Another hard kick strays to the groin and forces another stoppage.

Back to it they go and Caceres lands a body kick. He’s pushing the pace hard now. Hook lands. Now into the clinch and they jockey for position against the cage.

Caceres lands a knee and then they separate. Caceres with another hook and body kick as the round ends.


All credit to Caceres for his reslience after being extremely close to being finished in the first and dropped again the second, but it’s Guan is deservedly going home with the win, albeit only by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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