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Watch Extended Clip Of Ronda Rousey In Entourage Fighting Turtle

Hot on the heels of her role in the billion dollar box-office smash-hit ‘Furious 7’, UFC superstar Ronda Rousey is about to appear on the silver screen again, this time playing herself in ‘Entourage’ which comes out on June 3rd.

In a minute long clip from the movie below one of the main characters from the hit show,’Turtle’ is trying to ask Rousey out on a date, which she agrees to only if he lasts a minute with her in a fight. Needless to say he doesn’t fare too well against the bantamweight champion.

Those paying close attention will notice that the other member’s of Rousey’s ‘Four Horsewomen’ team (Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Schaffer) also make appearances as extras.

Check it out below.

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