Joe ‘Diesel’ Riggs produced one of the best excuses we’ve heard in a while for pulling out of a fight earlier this week when he revealed that he’d accidentally shot himself with a gun that he was cleaning.

Riggs, who had been scheduled to make a return to the UFC in September at UFC Fight Night 51 after emerging as the winner of Bellator’s ‘Fight Master’ reality show, wasn’t kidding and he’s proven it by showing off the wound on his leg to gossip site TMZ Sports.

The 31 year-old Riggs is a veteran of the sport with over 50 fights for a variety of promotions including the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator and the WEC, compiling a 40-14 (1nc) record along the way. He’s currently unbeaten in his last six fights, not including the further four fights he won during the Fight Master show.

If you’ve got a strong stomach you can check out Rigg’s war wound for yourselves below.