Watch Lavar Johnson’s Face-First KO Loss At Bellator 102

Former UFC heavyweight fighter Lavar Johnson had just about as bad a debut in the Bellator promotion as it’s possible to have this past weekend as you’ll see for yourselves in the video below.

His opponent, Vinicius Queiroz knocked him out with literally his first punch of the fight, an overhand right that toppled him face-first onto the canvas!

Johnson appears to be taking the devastating defeat remarkably well though judging by his initial reaction on Twitter after the bout.

“I got caught! Lol that’s the chances you take stepping in the cage. Part of the game,” Johnson said. “I’m ok and will be back ASAP!

“Thanks for all the love and support. I’ll be back in the gym on Monday. I’ll get plenty of sleep before the next fight,so I don’t nap during.”


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