Alex Oliveira Underwent Surgery After Grenade Attack On Christmas Eve

UFC welterweight fighter Alex ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira fell victim to a disturbing grenade attack on Christmas Eve in Brazil.

Oliveira reportedly went to get gasoline for his mother’s car in the town of Tres Rios on the night before Christmas, only to notice that members of his family were in an altercation with heavily armed thugs.

“One guy came up and pointed a gun at my nephew’s face, and that’s when people started pushing each other,” Oliveira told TV Rio Sul. “They had machetes, knives, a grenade.”

When he saw the commotion, Oliveira got out of his car, but just moments later he became the victim of a shocking act of violence.

“They threw a grenade in my direction. Fragments flew to my leg and my foot.”

Oliveira was rushed to hospital afterwards and would have to undergo surgery to remove grenade fragments from his leg.

He has since been to visit the police to help them with their investigations into the incident.

Oliveira is not stranger to gruesome injuries as he’s only weeks removed from suffering one of the most disturbing facial cuts in UFC history at UFC 231 on December 8th, with Gunnar Nelson opening up a gash on his forehead with a vicious ground and pound elbow that left his face soaked in blood and forced him to tap out, leading to no less than 38 stitches being required to seal the wound.