These are the best finger tape for BJJ to protect your knuckles and fingers from sprains and injuries.

Practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the best ways to test your body’s limits, strengthen yourself, and sharpen your combat skills. While pain is a common part of practicing BJJ and should also be welcome, it can also lead to injuries that get you incapacitated.

Some of the most common types of BJJ injuries include swollen joints, sprained fingers and knuckles, fractures, and other kinds of injuries. These injuries occur because of sustained pressure applied to your limbs and hands without proper protection. However, you can avoid several of these injuries if you use a proper finger tape for BJJ. 

Finger tapes for BJJ are a simple and cost-effective method to control the movement of your fingers and also strengthen your grip. Finger tapes can also increase your durability and help you perform better twists and bends. It can also help you with grappling moves and increase your mobility.

You can also use a finger tape for BJJ if you’re currently suffering from sprains but would like to continue fighting. Depending on the style of taping you use, you can reduce movement in the dislocated or sprained fingers, thereby allowing you to continue practicing.

There are a lot of different types of finger tapes for BJJ out there so you should be careful while choosing them. In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best finger tape for BJJ.

Best BJJ Finger Tape

1. Evolv Magic Finger Tape

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Evolv Magic Finger Tape

Evolv Magic Finger Tape is one of the best finger tapes for BJJ. It’s made of latex rubber and it’s fairly thick, which makes it suitable for serious sprains. This finger tape for BJJ is 3/4” in width and extremely strong and thick. The best part about this finger tape is that it’s highly stretchable because of the combination of latex and rubber — both of which are stretchable materials. This finger tape also comes with a tight seal so it will remain intact even if you’re sweating profusely. In terms of design, it’s fairly simple and ordinary — it looks bright green with no designs or anything. Despite the simple aesthetic, it’s one of the best in utility and functionality.

2. Deathgrip Grappling Tape

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Deathgrip Grappling Tape

Deathgrip Grappling Tape doesn’t look especially impressive and it comes in an extremely underwhelming packaging. Based on packaging alone, most people may completely ignore this finger tape for BJJ, but that would be a mistake. This is one of the best finger tapes for BJJ even if it doesn’t have great packaging. This BJJ finger tape is only available in black, which is yet another cosmetic issue you’ll have to look over. This finger tape for BJJ is also non-elastic and it has great compression. This finger tape has the ability to maintain constant tension on your fingers to prevent mobility of sprained areas. This tape isn’t flexible like a lot of other finger tapes for BJJ, but that’s ideal for those who want zero movements from their fingers. You get two sets of finger tape in a single package, which means it also has great value for money.

3. Armadillo Skin Finger Tape

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Armadillo Skin Finger Tape

Armadillo Skin Finger Tape is a 100% cotton finger tape for BJJ and it’s completely free from rubber or latex. While rubber and latex finger tapes are great for flexibility, they tend to leave a residue behind. This finger tape, in contrast, doesn’t leave any residue behind, which makes it a cleaner and easier finger tape to work with. This finger tape is easy to tear off the roll and it has an adhesive capacity of 7N, which is extremely powerful and it can offer sturdy non-elastic support to your sprained fingers. This finger tape for BJJ is perfect for practitioners who want to increase the rigidity and sturdiness of their grip while also protecting their hands. This finger tape for BJJ comes with 6 rolls and each of them measures 0.3 x 15 yards. All things considered, this is a great value for money and suitable for all combat sports needs.

4. PowerTrain Finger Tape

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PowerTrain Finger Tape

PowerTrain Finger Tape is an extremely versatile finger tape for BJJ. This finger tape is made of high-quality 100% cotton fabric that’s completely free from rubber or latex. As such, this finger tape isn’t elastic, which ensures that it will perfectly protect your fingers without mobility and it won’t leave any residue behind. This finger tape is also very breathable, which prevents your fingers from getting too wet or sweaty. Even though it includes a powerful adhesive to ensure sturdiness, it doesn’t tack on to the skin and can still be removed easily without pain. This finger tape for BJJ offers great compression and it maintains tension throughout your training or rolling sessions without coming undone. Each roll of PowerTrain Finger Tape measures 1cm x 10m and you get two rolls in a single set. All things considered, PowerTrain Finger Tape is a cheap and effective finger tape for BJJ and combat sports practitioners.

5. Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape

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Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape

Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape is one of the thickest finger tapes for BJJ available. This finger tape measures 1.5” in width, which makes it perfect for wrapping up and taping larger surface areas such as multiple fingers or toes. This finger tape for BJJ is also ideal for the buddy-system of taping sprains in which you tape several fingers or toes together to prevent them from moving. This finger tape for BJJ is also extremely cheap, especially considering you get 4 rolls of 10 yard tapes in a single package. This finger tape for BJJ also has a strong gripping surface and it has strong adhesion capacity, which makes it stick to your fingers well. This finger tape for BJJ is made of completely natural rubber material, but it’s still breathable and allows your fingers to breathe regardless. You may, however, notice some residue on your fingers after wearing this tape.

6. Metolius Climbing Tape

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Metolius Climbing Tape

Metolius Climbing Tape is yet another extremely thick and dense finger tape for BJJ. This finger tape also measures 1.5” in width, perhaps because it’s primarily meant for climbing purposes. Since this tape is so wide, it’s suitable for the buddy-system of taping several fingers together when you’ve sprained multiple fingers. This finger tape is also suitable for wider parts of your body such as your ankles and wrists. This tape is made completely of 100% cotton, which is a durable and breathable cloth fabric that can easily be cut into smaller pieces. As such, you can cut this finger tape into smaller strips and use them for your individual fingers as well, even if that’s slightly inconvenient. This finger tape for BJJ also has great adhesive capacity so it sticks to your finger well. The only problem is that the adhesion is so strong it may be slightly difficult to remove it from your fingers later. On the bright side, this tape is perfect if you get extremely sweaty while training because you can rest assured that this tape won’t come off. A single roll of this tape is 10 meters long and you can get it in four colors — white, gold, lime green, and pink. As such, Metolius Climbing Tape is suitable for people looking for thick cotton finger tapes that are also aesthetically attractive.

7. TapTape – Fission 0.3

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TapTape - Fission 0.3

TapTape – Fission 0.3 is a 15 yard roll of finger tape for BJJ and it has a width of 0.3 inches. This is a fairly narrow width, which means it has been designed specifically for your fingers. You don’t have to cut the tape down to accommodate your fingers and you can use it for the buddy system, x-taping, or any other type of finger taping, depending on your needs. You can also easily wrap the joints of your small fingers. This finger tape is made of 100% cotton with a high thread count. It’s extremely breathable and the adhesive surface is strong enough that it doesn’t slip or come undone even if you sweat a lot. The high thread count of the tape also makes it extremely difficult to tear it, ensuring its durability and longevity. The tape doesn’t unravel either — you can easily apply it and remove at will. Each packet of TapTape – Fission 0.3 comes with 3 rolls of 15-yard tapes, which means it will last a long time as well. All things considered, TapTape – Fission 0.3 is ideal for BJJ practitioners for protection and healing.

8. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Tape

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Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Tape

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Tape is a finger tape for BJJ that’s 10-yards long and 0.5” thick. This finger tape for BJJ provides perfect protection to your fingers during Brazilian jiu-jitsu but you can also use it during other activities like MMA, Crossfit, and rock climbing. This finger tape comes with an extremely strong adhesive surface that won’t let go and it won’t come undone even if you’re sweating profusely. The biggest issue here is that each roll of finger tape only has 10 yards of material, so it can run out very quickly. But thankfully, you get Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Tape in sets of 3 rolls, 6 rolls, or 12 rolls, so you can get 30 to 120 yards of tape at a single go. Since this finger tape measures 0.5 inches, it’s neither too wide nor too narrow, which means that it’s perfect for you to tape your fingers using various techniques or even tape your wrists. This makes it a lot more versatile than finger tapes that are solely meant for fingers and it’s easier to use than thicker tapes that need to be cut and sliced for the fingers.

9. WAR Tape

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WAR Tape

WAR Tape is a fairly reasonable finger tape for BJJ. What makes this finger tape unique is that it has an extremely easy-to-grip design, which makes it easy to hold on to and apply. This is also the only finger tape available that bears markings on the tape itself. Most finger tape for BJJ come in plain colors, whereas this one bears the company’s logo. Another great aspect of this finger tape for BJJ is that you can easily cut it and apply it without using scissors or knives. Some BJJ finger tapes need to be scissored in order to apply. In this case, you can simply carry the finger tape roll, cut it with your own fingers, and apply. Of course, that also comes with a slight drawback. This finger tape also tears more easily than other finger tapes and the adhesive isn’t as strong as some others. That means some users have found that this finger tape may slip off if you sweat too much. This finger tape for BJJ measures 0.5” in width, which is available in the form of two rows split from a 1” roll. That means you actually get 2 rolls of 0.5” finger tape in a single package.

10. Primate Grappling Tape

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Primate Grappling Tape

Primate Grappling Tape comes in a package of 4 packs of finger tape for BJJ. Each pack contains two 15-yard rolls of finger tape. So basically, you get 8 15-yard rolls of BJJ finger tape in a single package, and it’s still cheaper than most other finger tapes. That makes this one of the cheapest finger tapes out there since you get 120 yards of finger tape for BJJ for the cost of a lot less, which means you can use it for several months without issues. Each finger tape measures 0.3”, which makes it perfect for small fingers and knuckles and you can use it for various styles of taping like the buddy system, X-taping, etc. This finger tape for BJJ, however, isn’t made from the most durable material and it may come off if you sweat a lot, so it can be used as a protective layer but not if you’re already sprained.

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