These are the best hand wraps for boxing to punch with greater force and also protect the knuckles and wrists against injury.

Best Boxing Hand Wraps

Hand wraps have become an important part of martial arts, much like specialized drill dummies, color-coded rank belts, and karate uniforms. People may not, however, know the exact function of hand wraps.

Many people think that hand wraps are supposed to add an extra layer of cushion to the hands like boxing gloves. But there is a reason why they are so different. Hand wraps are meant to reinforce the hands and not cushion them and prevent damage to delicate joints and small bones. Good quality hand wraps will also protect against skin damage if used properly.

Hand wraps have minor variations depending on the form of martial arts being practiced. Martial art forms like Muay Thai require longer tails to their hand wraps because they need to be winded around a significant portion of the wrist. Boxing focuses on knuckles as well. Thinner hand wraps are preferred in boxing because they need to be able to comfortably fit inside the gloves.

The material used also will vary. Cotton is very breathable, making it a common material in sports gear. Cotton allows the palms to dry easily, which can help avoid chafing. Pure cotton blends tend to grow soft after washing them a few times, so they will cause less irritation to the wearer’s skin. Cotton’s limited natural stretch might be preferred by some users because they feel it gives them more wrist support. Some, however, do not like the lack of elasticity as they cannot get the kind of tension that cotton and elastic blends provide.

Cotton and elastic blend is the most common in hand wraps. The quantity of elastic will vary from company to company. Elastic can stretch more than cotton which is preferred by some practitioners. However elastic will wear out faster when it is stretched too much. 100% cotton hand wraps are easier to mend than the ones with cotton and elastic blend. These are also known as Mexican-Style hand wraps since they are very popular among Mexican boxers and martial artists.

Best Boxing Hand Wraps

1. Meister Adult Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

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Meister Adult Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

The Meister Adult Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps come at a full length of 180 inches. They ideal for Muay Thai, boxing, MMA and other combat sports. The wraps are made of high-quality cotton and spandex blend providing ideal comfort and support.

The wraps are designed to take up less space so that they do not add excessive bulk under gloves but give maximum support to the wrist and hand and provide knuckle protection. The wraps will remain snug and secure throughout your workout because of the added thumb loop and the oversized hook and loop strap.

The wraps come in pairs. Each wrap measures 180 x 2 inches (457 x 5 cm). The pattern wraps will become more elastic after the first wash. Care instructions have been included in the packaging.

2. Sanabul Elastic Hand Wraps

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Sanabul Elastic Hand Wraps

Any experienced boxer will tell you that only gloves are not enough. Sanabul Elastic hand wraps provide the necessary added support to your wrists and protection to the knuckles underneath to complete the package.

Sanabul hand wraps are very popular among professional fighters like NABO (North American Boxing Organization) champion Mike Lee and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) champion Michael Bisping. The wraps are 180 inches long making them ideal for heavy bag work, boxing, Muay Thai and other combat sports.

It is common for hand wraps to get ruined with prolonged exposure to moisture. The Sanabul hand wraps use polyester material which will keep your hands cool during training so that you do not sweat as much and also dry them faster till you can wash them. The polyester material also provides a more comfortable and secure fit as compared to traditional cotton hand wraps. The added thumb loop and velcro provides the necessary wrist support.

The hand wraps are highly durable and semi-elastic so they will not come loose after putting on your gloves. They will also retain their shape for a long time. These hand wraps are available in 8 different colors — black, blue, forest green, green, orange, pink, purple, and red.

3. Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

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Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

Venum is a very well known manufacturer of equipment for combat sports like MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and karate. They are also known in the field of fitness, pilates, CrossFit, and other sports.

The Venum Kontact hand wraps are made from elastic cotton that provides a secure fit and protection. The thumb straps make the hand wraps easy to use and they feature a hook-and-loop closure which ensures a perfect and durable fit.

These hand wraps are available in 2.5 meters and 4-meter sizes. You can choose from 8 different colors- black, blue, forest camo, neo pink, neo yellow, red and white. These Venum Kontact hand wraps are pretty cheap but the brand name should assure you of the quality you will get.

4. Title Boxing Elastic Hand Wrap

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Title Boxing Elastic Hand Wrap

Title Boxing is another well-known brand in the combat sports equipment field. They are highly dedicated to making quality boxing products which is reflected in the consistently high ratings and narrow product line. You can rely on Title Boxing products time and again to reach your martial arts training goals. Their hand wraps do not disappoint. They are affordable and designed for both ease of use and effectiveness.

Hook and loop closure systems were first introduced in the 1940s and have become extremely common now. They are an ideal addition to hand wraps because the user is able to easily find the perfect fit every time. It is also very easy to move and repair hook and loop closure systems if they become damaged. This adds to the durability of the product making it more valuable.

The Title Boxing hand wraps are one of the most affordable ones on this list. The built-in thumb loop feature gives users a consistent place to start their wrap each time. It should be noted that the pink colored variant seems to wear out faster than the other colors as reported by multiple users. You can choose from 14 other colors.

5. Revgear Elastic Hand Wraps

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Revgear Elastic Hand Wraps

Revgear primarily focuses on training and safety gear for those who wish to use their martial arts training for self-defense. This is reflected in their product line as well as the design of some of their products.

Revgear’s hand wraps are available in two material variants- cotton blend and 100% cotton. Most other wraps are available in one form or the other. Getting an option to choose the material from the same brand means you do not have to worry about the difference in other aspects.

Thumb loops are a feature on most hand wraps on the list but this feature should not be overlooked. It might not matter too much to the experienced hand wrapper who can put on  a hand wrap without a designated spot for their thumb but for most practitioners, it is a helpful feature when they are first starting out. Most loops have reinforced stitching and can be easily repaired if the need arises. Some users have reported that the wraps are very thin and do not provide enough protection to the knuckles but this is subjective.

The length is standard 180 inches and they are available in 7 colors — black, army, blue, pink, red, white, and yellow.

6. Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps

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Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps
Pro Impact is all about boxing. They deal with gloves, punching bags and just about every other training gear that is required by a boxer. These boxing-centric hand wraps are incredibly durable and machine washable. They are ideal for anyone who is planning on spending a lot of time with their hand wraps on.

Hand wraps are vulnerable to foul odor because they come in contact with not only the user’s hands but anything else that the user touches. In boxing, the added gloves make you sweat more adding to the risk of foul odor. Considering this, you will find that machine washable hand wraps like these are the easiest way to deal with this problem as you can just throw them in with the rest of the laundry.

Pro Impact’s hand wraps are designed to be durable despite being flexible and thin so that they are suitable for a wider user base. The price is in the mid-range. Pro Impact focuses solely on boxing products which might entice buyers to trust the brand more. With that being said, their customer service record is not the best which might deter some people from buying their products.

7. RDX Boxing Hand Wraps

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RDX Boxing Hand Wraps

RDX products are usually fancy with their nifty features and patented technologies. Their boxing hand wraps are no less. The RDX boxing inner gloves have an extremely compact design. Their shell-shock absorbent padding provides high level of protection from impact. The highly compressed super shock padding ensures that the impact is distributed evenly through fine support.

These hand wraps are expressly contrived to deliver quality protection and the exclusive design offers flawless fitting and comfort regardless of hand size. A thumbhole has been added for a more secure fit.

The RDX Inner training gloves have been made using lightweight even carbon fiber fabric which is resistant to splits, tears, and cracks. You can use these wraps for rigorous training and they will last for a very long time. The construction is not too stiff but is sturdy and durable at the same time.

These hand wraps are 75 cms in length with Quick-EZ hook and loop closure system for a more secure wrist and added wrist support and alignment. The long cotton bandage will ensure that the gloves will not slip while striking. The hand wraps are also equipped with superior thermal regulation technology that will prevent them from becoming soggy too quickly. Your palms will remain dry and odorless.

You will find these hand wraps valuable if you like their unique glove and wrap combination. You can put it on easily without the extra work that is required when you use a standard hand wrap. The unique design comes at a slightly higher price point as well but this could be an ideal choice for someone looking for a starter wrap or a wrap that they can put on more quickly.

8. Fairtex Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps

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Fairtex Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps
Fairtex is not the most well-known brand when it comes to martial arts. They do however provide a wide range of martial arts gear with a focus on MMA and Muay Thai practitioners. Their products are usually of high quality with consistently high ratings but this comes at a higher price point as well.

These gloves are made of 100% cotton. Most hand wraps are usually cotton blended with elastic or polyester. Some users prefer the tension that comes with elastic and cotton blend. But the pure nature of cotton has its own benefits too. They are easier to wash, breathable and can be easily mended if they got torn or ripped. The cost might be a little more, but the lack of elasticity breakdown and ability to easily mend the fabric gives them a longer life.

These gloves are available in 13 different colors to choose from. This could be helpful for people who need to match the color of their hand wraps to the color of their uniforms.

Fairtex wraps are the most expensive wraps on this list because of the 100% cotton make. These hand wraps are ideal for people who may be allergic to polyester or elastic. The range of colors and prints may be enticing as well.

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