These are the best wrestling kneepads to absorb impact and protect your knees while wrestling.

Wrestling is a combat sport, and like all combat sports, there’s a significant risk of injury if you’re not careful. Most wrestlers, however, don’t like to take precautions by wrestling kneepads or other protective gear because they can be restrictive.

However, wearing wrestling kneepads is important because it can save you from crucial injuries to your knees. These injuries can leave you incapable of participating in the sports again, or at least for an extended period, and it can also result in expensive hospital bills.

There are several reasons to wear wrestling kneepads. First, knee injuries are amongst some of the most painful injuries out there and they can leave you off the ring for short or long periods. Second, your knees also contain soft tissues that need protection in the form of wrestling kneepads. And third, even if you avoid serious injuries, it’s almost impossible to avoid mat burns without the right wrestling kneepads.

It’s true that wrestling kneepads can be uncomfortable and restrictive. But if you choose a wrestling kneepad carefully — one that’s perfect for your needs — then you can also find one that’s relatively comfortable. There are a lot of different types of wrestling kneepads out there — basic kneepads, bubble kneepads, and knee sleeves.

Since there are so many types of kneepads available, we’ve created a list of some of the best wrestling kneepads on the market so you can make the right decision. Please continue reading for an overview of the best wrestling kneepads.

Best Kneepads for Wrestling Training


1. Luwint Youth Kneepads

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Luwint Youth Kneepads

Luwint is an exceptional brand that produces some of the best protective gear for sports, including some of the best wrestling kneepads. Luwint has an exceptional reputation for its comfort, quality, and durability. They also use some cost-effective strategies that allow them to produce high-quality premium products but at a reasonable rate.

Luwint Youth is one of the best wrestling kneepads, especially for kids and teenagers. The best feature of these kneepads is the high-density strengthen foam that covers every inch of the kneepads that ensures complete protection for every part of your knees. The kneepad is made of high-quality materials like cotton, latex silk, elastic, and high-stretch yard. The cotton also has a high thread count so you can rest assured it won’t tear easily. The elastic and high-stretch yarn ensures that the kneepad is stretchable, which allows people of different sizes to wear them.

One of the biggest issues with kneepads is that they get extremely sweaty and itchy, especially after you’ve been wrestling for a while. But the use of cotton ensures breathability and it prevents the wearer from getting too sweaty. These wrestling kneepads are also highly elastic and lightweight, which means they’ll fit perfectly and you won’t even notice them.

In addition to wrestling, you can use these kneepads comfortably for a wide range of activities like weightlifting, cycling, skiing, or contact sports of any kind. This wrestling kneepad measures 8.7 x 5.1×0.8 inches, it’s only available in black color, and it only weighs 4.2 ounces. These kneepads are very well padded but they’re not very thick, so you may be a little disappointed if that’s what you’re looking for.

All things considered, Luwint Youth is the best pair of wrestling kneepads you can find for young kids and teenagers who are just learning the art.

2. ASICS Ace Kneepads

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ASICS Ace Kneepads

ASICS is a very popular athletic footwear brand that had recently forayed into the world of protective gear for combat sports to universal acclaim. This brand is known for how well it combines technological advancements with sporting gear to create some of the best protective gear possible. ASICS Ace is currently one of their best low-profile wrestling kneepads.

ASICS Ace is one of the best wrestling kneepads available on the market for a number of reasons, but let’s start with the basics. This wrestling kneepad is made of a combination of cotton, rubber, and nylon materials. It’s available in all sizes, suitable for everyone from young kids to hardy professionals. It weighs around 5 to 6 ounces and is particularly known for offering great traction, especially on slippery surfaces.

One of the important aspects of this wrestling kneepad is its low profile. This feature is incredibly important for serious trainers and professionals because it renders the entire kneepad lightweight and also reduces the bulk. This increases your flexibility and prevents the kneepad from considerably restricting your movements.

Some people are concerned that lightweight and low-profile kneepads don’t have great shock absorption. However, these wrestling kneepads are equipped with dual-density padding. As such, even if the impact reaches past the first level of padding, it will be buffered by the second layer. This ensures that your actual knees won’t absorb any of the shock or impact.

This wrestling kneepad provides overall padding of 6 inches and it also comes with an external anti-microbial fabric. The anti-microbial fabric can easily absorb all sweat and dirt and ensure that you don’t suffer from infections or rashes. The dual-layer TruCore wicking technology ensures that your kneepads remain largely dry.

All things considered, ASICS Ace is an ideal pair of wrestling kneepads for all kinds of combat sports and wrestling enthusiasts. The only issue is that it’s a little small so you may not be able to use it if you have especially thick thighs. But other than that, ASICS Ace is perfect for everyone.

3. ASICS Unisex Slider Kneepads

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ASICS Unisex Slider Kneepads

ASICS Unisex Slider is one of the best and most durable kneepads for both men and women. This wrestling kneepad is made of nylon, rubber, and polyester materials. This only comes in one size — it’s 0.9” high, 7.3” wide, and has a 10” sleeve. You should make sure that this size fits you before you get it. This wrestling kneepad is available in black and white colors and it weighs 10.2 ounces.

The best part about this wrestling kneepad is that it has great coverage since it’s fairly long. This ensures that a wide surface area of your knees remains protected. If protection is important to you, then this kneepad offers a lot more coverage than several others. That coverage also comes with its own drawbacks. Unlike the aforementioned ASICS Ace, this kneepad is also quite heavy and bulky, which means some people will find it to too rigid and restrictive.

This wrestling kneepad is also equipped with strong padding so you don’t injure your knees in case of impact. In fact, the padding is strong enough that it can take quite a heavy amount of abuse as well without transferring the impact to your knees.

This kneepad is only available in one size, so you have to be very careful while getting it. The company promises that most people can wear it anyway because it’s elastic. But that’s not entirely true and you should make sure that it can fit your legs before purchase. It would have been better if they offered additional sizes as well. But at least you have the option of choosing one of two colors — black and white.

4. ADiPROD Thick Sponge Collision Kneepads

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ADiPROD Thick Sponge Collision Kneepads

ADiPROD is a reliable brand when it comes to protective gear. They are known for a wide range of protective gear such as elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, etc. The ADiPROD Thick Sponge Collision Kneepad is one of the best wrestling kneepads out there for several reasons.

This kneepad is made of cloth and sponge and it primarily focuses on shock-absorption and breathability. This kneepad is only available in one size, and it’s suitable for people with legs that have a circumference between 15 inches to 20 inches. Unlike many other brands, at least they clearly state the range of legs circumference that they’re suitable for. This is fortunate because you don’t have to risk getting a pair that ill-fitting.

This kneepad is made from extremely high quality and premium materials. These materials enhance comfort and provide shock absorption while also keeping you dry. The kneepad has a moisture wicking quality that prevents it from dampening and minimizes moisture retention. This ensures that you don’t suffer from itching, irritation, or skin infections and rashes.

One of the unique features of this wrestling kneepad is that it retains and traps your body heat. This facilitates proper blood circulation and prevents muscle tightness. This can also prove to be a worthy advantage during your fights. They provide compression, which makes them suitable not just for training but also to help heal your stiffened muscles and legs.

The only slight drawback here is that the stitching isn’t reinforced, which means it’s possible that the stitches may come off from continued use. All things considered, ADiPROD Thick Sponge Collision Kneepad is a brilliant kneepad that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

5. Bodyprox Protective Kneepads

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Bodyprox Protective Kneepads

Bodyprox is a reputable and reliable brand that specializes in products used for protection or recovery. Their products are known for both preventing injuries and offering relief from injuries. Bodyprox Protective is one of their best wrestling kneepads for several reasons. This kneepad is available in a wide range of sizes, is perfect for adults and serious wrestling practitioners, and it’s meant for comprehensive protection to every region of your knees.

This wrestling kneepad uses a high-density Velcro that’s extremely sturdy and durable. This material is strong enough to last a lifetime if you take proper care of it. Even the aesthetic design is extremely attractive, perfect for both men and women. It’s available in a wider range of colors than most kneepads — black, blue, and red.

The padding on this wrestling kneepad is made of high-density strengthen foam. No matter how much impact you sustain, your knees remain protected and cushioned within the padded exteriors of the kneepads. These wrestling kneepads are also extremely elastic, which makes them extremely easy to wear for most people. You don’t have to deal with an ill-fitting gear because you can simply adjust it according to the circumference of your legs.

This wrestling kneepad is also extremely ergonomic in design and is quite snug. It also traps body heat, which also makes it ideal for winter days because it provides added heat. By keeping your body hot and providing compression, it facilitates smooth blood circulation and prevents your muscles from stiffening.

The biggest issue with this wrestling kneepad is its longevity and durability. The high-quality strengthen foam provides great padding but it also gets flattened over time, reducing the level of protection offered. As such, it’s not the most durable pair of wrestling kneepads. But besides that issue, this is a great wrestling kneepad for all adults.

6. Maibu Protective Kneepads

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Maibu Protective Kneepads

Maibu Protective is an extremely durable and comfortable pair of wrestling kneepads. It’s made of high-quality materials like cotton and sponge. The cotton ensures that the kneepad is breathable and lightweight. The sponge ensures great elasticity. This wrestling kneepad is suitable for legs that measure 14.96 inches to 20.47 inches in circumference. This is a fairly wide range and it’s suitable for most adults.

The best feature here is the presence of the collision avoidance sponge pad care. This provides effective impact resistance, facilitates smooth blood circulation, and ensures that your movements aren’t considerably restricted. The fact that it provides compression and blood circulation also means that it can help with recovery and prevent muscle tightness.

This wrestling kneepad also comes with a non-slip design and the inner layer offers strong stability. You don’t have to worry about these kneepads coming off or slipping during your training sessions, not even if you’re sweating. Furthermore, the breathability of the cotton ensures that you won’t sweat too much.

All things considered, Maibu Protective is a slim-profiled wrestling kneepad and it can be worn by adults of various sizes. While it doesn’t provide the level of protection provided by many other kneepads, it’s still one of the best out there.

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