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When people suffer from body aches or soreness due to physical overexertion or intense workouts, they generally opt for sports massage, cold therapy, hot therapy, foam rolling, or other such methods. These are all pretty useful in their own ways and can relieve the pain from your body, but they can only help you with minor pains. They can help with recovery and mobility. But they can’t really help you with deep tissue problems.

That’s where percussion massagers come in. These are handheld devices that apply pulses of pressure deep into your muscles, which can drastically reduce your recovery time and relieve all the soreness and pain. There are a lot of percussion massagers out there, but TimTam and Theragun are currently the reigning champions.

So let’s compare TimTam and Theragun and see how they stack up against each other!

Compare TimTam & TheraGun

TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun
  • Therapeutic: helps break down knots, increase blood flow, and release stored lactic acid. Also excellent for chronic pain.
  • Powerful: delivers up to 2000 strokes per minute.
  • Durable: patent-pending threaded shaft provides durability and superior performance.
  • Versatile: 90-degree articulating head and an available variety of thread-on tips give the TIMTAM Power massager a wide range of applications.
  • Complete: comes standard with a 12V lithium-ion battery, charger, carrying case and a round massage tip.

TimTam Review

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TimTam Power Massager

TimTam is an extremely powerful deep muscle tissue massager, ideally suited for those who are suffering from deep tissue pains that they can’t relieve with a simple massage. TimTam can help you break down some of the knots of muscles in your body, which can help enhance blood circulation and restore lactic acid production, which aids in quick recovery.

When you use TimTam, the pulses it creates are so strong that you can actually see your muscle tissues vibrating under the gun. TimTam is certainly one of the most powerful deep tissue massagers in terms of pure strength. This massager heals all the problem areas and prevents the muscles from sending pain signals to the brain, which allows you to continue training without considerable soreness.

TimTam has also been endorsed by Georges St. Pierre, who was one of the biggest stars in the UFC. This percussion massager can be used by anyone at all, but it’s especially useful for those who engage in combat sports and heavy training and have to deal with related injuries and issues.

TimTam Features

The following is a brief overview of all the essential features of TimTam massager:

  • High-powered capacity with the ability to produce 2000 pulses per minute.
  • Designed with a patent-pending threaded shaft that makes it far more durable than all the competitors.
  • 90-degree articulating head that allows you to target all the different muscle groups and reach them from various angles.
  • Thread-on tips that you can replace with different tips to target different types of muscles.
  • It’s small enough that you can hold it with a single hand and you can carry it in a gym bag so you can use it directly after there workout. It weighs only 4.2 pounds.

TimTam Construction

TimTam is a compact yet powerful device. The appearance is quite high quality and attractive. The exteriors are rugged and can withstand considerable wear and tear. Some of the other percussion massagers quickly fall away or fail to work if they consistently produce such power. But TimTam can keep producing such a high power on a regular basis without any issues. You can essentially use it for several years without fear of it losing its effectiveness. There are no weak links in this device so you don’t even have to worry about replacing specific parts of the device.

The handle of this massager is ergonomically designed and you can hold it however you like. The head can move in 90 degrees so you can twist and turn it to reach different spots with relative ease. You can also target the same muscle from different angles to really loosen those knots completely. This massager produces 2000 strokes or pulses per minute, which makes it one of the most powerful percussion massagers on the market. Perhaps the only area in which TimTam suffers, compared to the competitors is the noise it makes. This device generates 60 decibels of sound while its competitors are relatively a lot quieter. But if you care more about power than discretion, then this is perfect for you. The power is so great that you won’t even have to stay in one spot for more than a few seconds because it will provide instant relief.

TimTam also comes with several different types of attachments that you can use for different types of pains and body parts. The standard attachment that it comes with is circular with a silicone-ball tip that’s suitable for most general pains. But if you need to target a specific area that’s deeper and harder to reach, you can also get a separate precision attachment.

TimTam Application

Percussion massagers feel different on different body parts. You may be wondering how TimTam would feel on your back, legs, or other body parts. The following is a brief description of how it fairs.

  • Back: TimTam is compact and flexible enough that you can reach your traps if you’re flexible enough. But you can’t really target your traps from different angles all on your own. For maximum utility, you should get your gym buddy to use it on your traps or lower back. It will loosen up your back within a few seconds. You should, however, be delicate with the back and avoid the shoulder blades or spine as that may be a little painful. When the TimTam is around your traps, you may want to put on some ear plugs because the noise can get annoying.
  • Legs: You can easily use TimTam for your quads and calves. But you may need someone else to help with your glutes, hamstrings, and hips. These areas generally need a little more power because the muscles are often deep under your subcutaneous fat. But you can get special attachment tips and dig deep to work on these muscles effectively.
  • Shoulders and Forearms: These areas are pretty easy to massage because they don’t have too much fat deposits. You can simply roll the gun over these areas yourself without having to dig too deep. It provides instant relief.

TimTam Battery

TimTam has a battery life of around 30 minutes. That may seem like it’s not much for some people, but rest assured it’s more than enough. This massager is so powerful that you won’t use it for any more than 3-5 minutes even if you’re targeting all of your muscle groups. So you can use it several times before needing to charge it. You can also swap out the batteries and charge them independently without any issue. That makes it ideal for both personal use and for coaches of large teams.

Theragun Review

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Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device

Theragun is one of the most popular percussion massagers out there. This massager is ideal for deep tissue treatment and it has been backed by over 10 years of research and development. This massager is used to relieve muscle tension, soreness, pain, and it can accelerate mobility and recovery.

Theragun has been designed and created by a reputed chiropractor Dr. Jason S. Wersland. According to him, Theragun helps increase range of motion and decrease pain. The thing that sets Theragun apart from the competition is the high frequency and amplitude. When it comes to percussion massagers, there’s a somewhat counterintuitive rule that the more violently it percusses on your body, the more relief you feel. To that end, Theragun is certainly one of the most violent massagers out there.

But Theragun is also the most expensive and exorbitant product available. It costs twice as much as the aforementioned TimTam. So the biggest challenge that Theragun has isn’t to prove its efficiency but to prove exactly what makes it so special that it’s so much more expensive and exorbitant than the competitors.

Theragun Features

The following is a brief overview of Theragun’s features:

  • Has an ergonomic handle that you can use to reach over 90% of your body easily.
  • Comes with two speed settings — 1750 RPM and 2400 RPM.
  • Has a stall force of 60 pounds.
  • Comes with 6 attachments — dampener, large ball, standard ball, wedge, thumb, and cone.

Theragun Construction

The biggest improvement that Theragun has over TimTam and other competitors is the low noise level. As mentioned previously, TimTam operated at an extremely high 60 decibel noise level. Compared to that, Theragun is a lot quieter, especially the latest Theragun G3 version. The gearbox has been designed such that it muffles the sound of the powerful motor so you can even use it on your traps without having to use earplugs.

Theragun can also be operated two different speed functions. You can either use it at 1750 pulses per minute or 2400 pulses per minute. As such, it gives you a strong range to work with, depending on your tolerance and the body part you’re targeting. The upper limit of 2400 pulses per minute is even higher than that of the TimTam, making it the most powerful massager out there, which does justify the higher cost to an extent.

Like TimTam, Theragun also comes with a detachable tip so that you can swap it out for different types of attachments to target different body parts from different angles. However, TimTam only came with the general attachment and the others had to be bought separately. In this case, Theragun comes with 6 different attachments for no additional cost.

The wedge attachment is perfect for scraping and targeting the shoulder blades. The thumb is ideal for the lower back region and for trigger point therapy. The dampener is ideal to target the areas with tender bones. The large ball is meant for large muscle groups while the standard ball is meant for general use all over the body. Finally, the cone is used for pinpoint muscle treatment.

Theragun also comes with extended adjustability and flexibility so you can manually reach 90% of your body without another person’s help. This machine has a stall force of 60 pounds so you can also expect it to give your arm a bit of a workout, especially since it’s a little heavier than the TimTam, weighing around 5.8 pounds.

Theragun Battery

One of Theragun’s best qualities is the impressive battery life. While most powerful percussion massagers have a battery life of around 30 minutes, Theragun has a battery life of 75 minutes. It also comes with two batteries so you can swap one out and charge it while still continuing to use the massager. This kind of battery life is definitely overkill for personal use because you’ll essentially be able to use the device for a month or so without having to recharge it. But it’s very useful if the device is being used in a professional capacity by a coach of a large team.

Verdict: TimTam or Theragun?

When it comes to TimTam and Theragun, the biggest difference is the cost. TimTam only costs $199 while the Theragun costs $399. Both TimTam and Theragun can be used in a professional capacity and they’re both some of the most powerful percussion massagers out there.

But which of them is most suitable for you. The following are some of the biggest differences between the two.

  • Power and Speed: TimTam works at 2000 RPM whereas Theragun can work up to 2400 RPM. Furthermore, Theragun can also work at a lower speed of 1750 RPM.
  • Noise: TimTam produces 60 decibels of sound whereas Theragun is a lot quieter with a sound muffling device around the motor.
  • Attachments: You have to purchase the separate attachments and tips at an additional cost for TimTam. But Theragun comes with 6 attachments at no additional cost.
  • Battery: TimTam has a battery life of 30 minutes while Theragun has a battery life of 75 minutes.

All things considered, it’s clear that Theragun is certainly more powerful and versatile than TimTam. It’s also more suitable for larger teams because of the higher battery life and it absorbs the cost of the attachments, making it more expensive. So whether you should get TimTam or Theragun depends entirely on your purpose and whether you’re comfortable shelling out twice as much for the additional features provided by Theragun.

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