Marina Rodriguez Brutally Beats Michelle Waterson-Gomez By TKO At UFC Fight Night 228

It was one-way traffic for Marina Rodriguez in her rematch with Michelle Waterson-Gomez tonight at UFC Fight Night 228, leaving her opponent bloodied and battered with big barrages of knees, punches and elbows to claim a second round TKO victory.

Round One:

Thigh kick for Waterson-Gomez. She closes the distance and works for an early takedown. She gets it nicely and is now in Rodriguez’s guard with plenty of time to work.

Waterson-Gomez stacking up but Rodriguez is looking to control her arms to prevent ground-and-pound. Rodriguez gets some space to throw upkicks and then manages to get back to her feet.

Rodriguez working from the clinch now and lands a couple of good knees. Waterson-Gomez jockeying for position now though and trying to go for another takedown. It doesn’t work out this time though and they start to peel away from the cage.

Rodriguez still in the clinch though and using the muay thai guard to good effect as she lands a couple of knees to the head. Great use of the guard from Rodriguez as she continues to land hurtful knees, elbows and punches, forcing Waterson-Gomez to go in desperation for a takedown. she gets it, but can’t keep her down.

Back to striking range and immediately Rodriguez is back to blasting Waterson-Gomez with ruthless strikes. Waterson-Gomez’s face is soaked in blood now as she eats more knees among other strikes. The ref is taking a close look at this one and he could easily call this one now as Waterson-Gomez is getting handed a brutal beatdown here.

To her credit Waterson-Gomez just won’t quit and instead tries to work a takedown. She can’t get it but it at least halts the onslaught for a moment. Back to striking range and the ref steps in to get the doctor to look at the bloodied Waterson-Gomez. She says she’s ok and is allowed to continue, but it’s questionable whether it’s in her best interests to step back into the fire again here.

Round Two:

Rodriguez kicks to the leg. Waterson-Gomez able to clinch up against the cage. Rodriguez lands a hard knee to the body and then turns Waterson-Gomez into the cage. Rodriguez pushes Waterson-Gomez to the mat but doesn’t follow her down.

Back to striking range and Waterson-Gomez lands a punch. Rodriguez not phased though. again Waterson-Gomez lands a punch and now she’s into the clinch against the cage again. She lands a knee, but then Rodriguez turns into her and lands her big knees.

Waterson-Gomez tries to drag Rodriguez down but only succeeds in pulling her down on top of her. She gives up her back, Rodriguez starts landing punches and the ref mercifully steps in quickly this time to end the fight. Complete dominance from Rodriguez there, earning the TKO win at 2.42mins of the 2nd round.

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