UFC 200: Tate vs. Nunes

UFC 200 Official Fight Card

Main Card
Weight class Red Corner Blue Corner
Women’s BantamweightMiesha Tate (c)vs.Amanda Nunes
HeavyweightBrock Lesnarvs.Mark Hunt
Light HeavyweightDaniel Cormier (c)vs.Anderson Silva
FeatherweightJosé Aldovs.Frankie Edgar
HeavyweightCain Velasquezvs.Travis Browne
Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)
Women’s BantamweightCat Zinganovs.Julianna Peña
WelterweightJohny Hendricksvs.Kelvin Gastelum
BantamweightT.J. Dillashawvs.Raphael Assunção
LightweightSage Northcuttvs.Enrique Marín
Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)
LightweightDiego Sanchezvs.Joe Lauzon
MiddleweightGegard Mousasivs.Thiago Santos
LightweightJim Millervs.Takanori Gomi

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UFC 100 vs. 200

  • On the UFC 100 card, there were six (6) current/former/future UFC champions (Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, GSP, Michael Bisping, Mark Coleman, Jon Jones)
  • On the UFC 200 card, there are nine (9) current and former UFC champions (Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, Miesha Tate, Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar, Cain Velasquez, Johnny Hendricks, T.J. Dillashaw)


  • Three (3) current UFC champions (Cormier, Jones, Tate)
  • Six (6) former UFC champions (Lesnar, Aldo, Edgar, Velasquez, Hendricks and Dillashaw)
  • Three (3) The Ultimate Fighter winners (Diego Sanchez, Kelvin Gastelum and Julianna Pena)
  • One (1) K1 champion (Mark Hunt)
  • One (1) Pride champion (Takanori Gomi / also Shooto champ)
  • One (1) Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix winner (Cormier)
  • One (1) Dream light heavyweight/middleweight champion (Gegard Mousasi)


  • There are six (6) countries represented on the UFC 200 card – USA, Australia, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands and Japan


  • Three (3) athletes on both UFC 100 and UFC 200 card – Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, Jim Miller
  • Number of combined pounds in the Octagon for Lesnar vs. Hunt bout – 530 pounds
  • Number of combined pounds in the Octagon for Zingano vs. Pena bout – 270 pounds
  • Youngest fighter on card – Sage Northcutt – 20 years old
  • Oldest fighter on card – Mark Hunt – 42 years old


  • 17 of 24 athletes are currently ranked, most of any UFC card since rankings began (note: this will almost certainly be 18 on fight night since Lesnar becomes eligible after Ottawa)
  • 20 of 24 athletes have been ranked at some point, most of any card since rankings began (same note, this will be 21 as soon as Lesnar is ranked after Ottawa)
  • 11 top 5 athletes
  • Four (4) of top 10 pound-for-pound athletes
  • Seven (7) of top 25 pound-for-pound athletes
  • At least one (1) top 5 athlete in five of 10 UFC weight classes
  • At least one (1) top 10 athlete in seven of 10 UFC weight classes
  • There are 93 UFC fight night bonuses combined ** record for most combined by fighters on a single UFC card.
  • 22 of 24 athletes with at least one (1) fight night bonus


  • 34 new champions crowned between UFC 100 and UFC 200
  • At UFC 100, there was no featherweight, bantamweight, flyweight or women’s divisions
  • At UFC 200, there are now 10 divisions (eight men, two women)
  • Notable athletes who had not debuted professionally when UFC 100 took place: Stipe Miocic, Daniel Cormier, T.J. Dillashaw, Ronda Rousey, and Joanna Jedrzejczyk


Main Event

  • Eighteen of the 24 athletes on the UFC 200 card have appeared in at least one UFC main event. These 18 have combined for 75 UFC main events

Fight of the Night

  • Eight athletes in UFC history have six (6) or more Fight of the Night bonuses. Three are on this card: Edgar, Lauzon and Sanchez

Winning Streaks

  • Twelve athletes in UFC, PRIDE, WEC and Strikeforce combined history have earned undefeated streaks of 10+ consecutive fights. Four are on this card: Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Jose Aldo and Takanori Gomi

 Takedown Artists

  • Frankie Edgar (61) and Johny Hendricks (54) both rank in the top-10 in most takedowns landed in UFC history

Significant Strikes

  • Frankie Edgar (1,187) and Jon Jones (1,021) both rank in the top-10 in greatest number of significant strikes landed in UFC history



  • 16 UFC wins – T-5th in UFC history, most in LHW history
  • 1 of 12 fighters in UFC/PRIDE/SF/WEC history to go undefeated in 10 consecutive fights
  • 13x main event
  • 13-fight win streak – longest active UFC win streak
  • 9 finishes – T-most in LHW history
  • 1,021 sig. strikes – 5th in UFC history


  • UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
  • 1 of 12 fighters in UFC/PRIDE/SF/WEC history to go undefeated in 10 consecutive fights
  • 3x main event


  • Former UFC Heavyweight Champion
  • 55% takedown accuracy – 3rd in HW history
  • 5x main event


  • 6 post-fight awards – T-most in HW history
  • 75.6% takedown defense – 5th in HW history
  • 5x main event


  • 19 UFC fights
  • 14 UFC wins
  • 5:37:49 fight time – most in UFC history
  • Former UFC Lightweight Champion
  • Former title contender (FTW)
  • 61 takedowns – T-3rd in UFC history
  • 1,187 sig. strikes – 3rd in UFC history
  • 11x main event


  • 15 wins – most in UFC/WEC FTW history
  • 9 KO/TKO – most knockouts in UFC/WEC FTW history
  • Former UFC Featherweight Champion
  • 5x main event
  • 1 of 12 fighters in UFC/PRIDE/SF/WEC history to go undefeated in 10 consecutive fights


  • UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion
  • 27 takedowns – most in UFC/SF WBW history
  • 11 wins – most in UFC/SF WBW history


  • 4 finishes – 2nd most in WBW history


  • 11 UFC wins
  • Former UFC Heavyweight Champion
  • 9 KO/TKO – T-6th most knockouts in UFC history
  • 11 wins – T-5th in HW history
  • 1,374 total strikes landed – most in HW history
  • Lands 6.32 sig. strikes per minute – highest rate in HW history
  • 7x main event


  • Only UFC fighter with 2 finishes by standing elbow strikes
  • 2x main event


  • 12 UFC wins
  • Former UFC Welterweight Champion
  • 1 of 5 fighters with 3+ knockouts in under a minute each
  • 4x main event
  • 54 takedowns – T-9th in UFC history


  • Ultimate Fighter winner
  • 1x main event


  • Former title contender (WBW)
  • 1x main event


  • Ultimate Fighter winner


  • 22 UFC fights
  • 14 UFC wins – T-3rd in LW history
  • Most submission attempts in UFC history – 35
  • 8 finishes – T-4th in LW history
  • 3x main event


  • 1 of 12 fighters in UFC/PRIDE/SF/WEC history to go undefeated in 10 consecutive fights
  • 1x main event


  • 23 UFC fights
  • 15 UFC wins
  • 5:07:57 fight time – 5th in UFC history
  • 8x main event
  • Former title contender (LW)
  • Ultimate Fighter winner


  • 20 UFC fights
  • 12 UFC wins – 5th in LW history
  • 11 finishes – most in LW history
  • 2x main event


  • 4x main event


  • 1 of 5 UFC fighters to earn a knockout and a submission in under a minute each
  • 4-fight win streak – T-2nd longest active MW streak

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