Caoi Borralho Beats Gadzhi Omargadzhiev Via Technical Decision At UFC Fight Night 206

An illegal knee to the head from Caoi Borralho while his opponent Gadzhi Omargadzhiev’s hand was down brought a premature end to their fight tonight at UFC Fight Night 206, but despite being deducted a point he still emerged with a technical decision victory.

Round One:

Side kick for Borralho. Kick from Omargadzhiev. A couple more quick kicks from Borralho. Counter right hand lands for Omargadzhiev after Borralho misses. Omargadzhiev with a combination.

A kick from Borralho is caught by Omargadzhiev who takes him down off it. However, Borralho utilizes a slick sweep to get on top.

Borralho opts to get back to his feet and stands over his opponent, then jumps back down into his guard, with an upkick coming his way as he does so.

Borralho working a few elbows. Omargadzhiev tries to land punches from his back. Borralho backs up to his feet again. Omargadzhiev with a capoeira style kick from the ground and then Borralho goes back down into his guard again.

Omargadzhiev moves to his knees and is attempting to stand. Borralho takes his back and rolls back with it though, while locking in a body triangle.

Borralho with a few elbow strikes. Omargadzhiev trying hard to break out of this, but nothing doing so far.

A couple more elbows land for Borralho. Borralho looking for more punches in the final seconds of the round while Omargadzhiev also throws a punch behind him.

Round Two:

Body kick from Omargadzhiev and then attempts a spinning kick. Grazing right hand from Omargadzhiev. Body kick again. Body kick for Borralho now.

Jumping knee seemed to land for Borralho and now a big punch too may have rocked him. Suddenly Omargadzhiev sinks to the mat for a moment, but is able to get back up soon after.

Omargadzhiev with big swings and misses and stumbles over from the momentum. Borralho takes advantage of that, hopping onto his back. He looks close to falling off, but adjusts and gets a body triangle. He looks for a suloev stretch submission but gives up on it quickly.

Omargadzhiev trapped in the same position as the first round now with Borralho firmly locked to his back.

Borralho trying to work for a rear-naked choke, but Omargadzhiev is defending for now and lands a few strikes behind him before the round ends.

Round Three:

Omargadzhiev swings and misses. Borralho also misses with a head kick. Omargadzhiev does land a head kick now. He tries a spinning kick that doesn’t connect.

Now Omargadzhiev drives into a takedown attempt against the cage, but a low blow knee to the groin forces a stoppage so Borralho can recover.

They get back to it. Missed head kick from Omargadzhiev. Jumping knee from Borralho. Spinning kick misses for Omargadzhiev and then tries to follow up with a punch without success.

Short flurry from Omargadzhiev, but then Borralho takes him down. Half-guard for him and then moves around to the back as Omargadzhiev turtles up on his knees.

Omargadzhiev back to his feet, but Borralho is still on him and drags him back down. Omargadzhiev rolls and goes for a leg lock. Borralho takes his time here as he tries to escape this threat, and does so successfully, then gets back on Omargadzhiev before he can get back up.

Omargadzhiev foiled again as he tries to stand up. He gets to his feet but still has a hand down as Borralho throws a knee upstairs and it lands hard to the head, forcing a stoppage for the illegal blow, while the ref also takes a point off Borralho.

Omargadzhiev staying down for now and is complaining of feeling dizzy as he tries to establish if he can continue to fight with only 64 seconds of the bout remaining.

After a few minutes Omargadzhiev says he can’t continue and so we’re going to head to a technical decision ruling here based on the action up until that point, including Borralho’s deducted point for that illegal blow.

The judges make their decision and it’s Borralho who still emerges victorious via unanimous decision (29-27 x3).

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