Joaquin Buckley vs. Nursulton Ruziboev Result At UFC On ESPN 56

Joaquin Buckley earned his fourth UFC win in a row tonight at UFC On ESPN 56 as he battled his way to a unanimous decision victory over Nursulton Ruziboev.

Round One:

Front kick to the body for Ruziboev. Buckley tries a front kick to the body but it doesn’t land.

Buckley trying to figure out a way to get into range on his much taller opponent. Buckley drives forward into a takedown attempt and Ruziboev attempted to counter with a knee, but is unable to land it. Buckley gets him down against the cage with more than half the round remaining.

Buckley with a few punches but then opts to stand back up. Ruziboev going on the offense now though and seems to trouble Buckley, but Buckley responds by landing a big takedown.

It’s not long before they are back up to their feet. Leg kick for Buckley. Ruziboev tries a head kick but it’s blocked.

Buckley circling on the outside. Right hand lands for Ruziboev and then he lands another as Buckley is pressing forward.

Round Two:

Buckley tries a head kick but nothing doing. He goes for a body kick and Ruziboev counters with a punch. Kick to the body for Ruziboev, but that enables Buckley to drive in on a takedown and lands it.

Buckley in Ruziboev’s guard and looking for a ground-and-pound but then backs up to his feet.

Ruziboev loads up on a right hand but misses and Buckley can’t find the mark at close range either.

Ruziboev trying to land hooks as Buckley presses forward. Ruziboev darts forward to throw a big knee.

Front kick from Ruziboev. He throws a right hand. BUckley trying to figure out a way to get inside and Ruziboev waiting ready to counter. Nice straight right for Ruziboev.

Buckley able to close the distance and land a takedown. Buckley with a few punches and then pass guard, but he opts not to go into full mount.

Buckley punches and Ruziboev threatens to work a submission from his back, but the round comes to an end.

Round Three:

Low kick for Ruziboev. Jab lands for him. Another jab lands, but then Buckley connects with a right and follows up with a left and Ruziboev is rocked as he stumbles to the mat. Ruziboev able to get back up though.

Buckley remaining patient. Ruziboev tries to strike but eats a punch from Buckley and drops to the mat. Buckley able to get full mount now and starts blasting him with a big right hands . A few elbows and now a series of left and right hands.

Buckley traps an arm for a moment. Nasty elbows from Buckley. few right hands, but then Ruziboev manages to reverse him to get on top. Buckley trying for a triangle choke, but fails.

Ruziboev trying to get something going on top now with 90 seconds of the fight remaining. Buckley able to scramble back on top now though and lands some big punches.

Ruziboev throwing a series of heel kicks now and one lands illegally and so the ref halts the action to see if Buckley is ok. He is and so they get back to business on the feet soon after.

Final few seconds and Buckley is trying to land some final punches, but isn’t able to connect.


Buckley was able to show off his striking and wrestling in a fun fight that he wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-27).

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