Macy Chiasson TKO’s Mayra Bueno Silva Due To Grizzly Cut At UFC 303

Macy Chiasson found herself in a hard-fought battle with Mayra Bueno Silva tonight at UFC 303, but then an elbow strike on the mat in the second round opened up a nasty cut to her opponent’s eyebrow and eventually forced a TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Kick for Silva and Chiasson looks for a punch. Silva clinches up and lands a knee.

Back at striking range. Chiasson staying at range and avoids a kick then lands a leg kick.

Head kick from Silva off the guard and then follows up with more strikes into the clinch. elbow landed up against the cage by Silva.

Chiasson manages to reverse the clinch position. Before she can do much with it Silva breaks free though.

Wheel kick from Silva just catches Chiasson but she takes it well.

Calf kick for Chiasson. Another low kick from her but Silva lands an elbow in close. Chiasson lands another strike and then tries a takedown. Chiasson stays upright but gets pressed into the cage.

Nice uppercut inside from Chiasson. she gets off the cage and breaks free to land a few punches.

Back into the clinch as they look for strikes. Chiasson turning up the heat a little now as she marches forward with a few strikes and then back into the clinch. She lands several knees in a row.

Now they are just trading hooks at close range. Silva working on a takedown against the cage. She goes for it, but can’t get Chiasson down and now Chiasson reverses the clinch and presses her into the cage as the round ends.

Round Two:

Chiasson straight to work with a knee and punches. Silva firing back, but Chiasson then lands a takedown.

Hard elbow from Chiasson and Silva is bleeding heavily above her right eyebrow from a nasty cut.

Armbar attempt from Silva a minute into the round. Chiasson gets out of it.

Chiasson stands over Silva and blasts her with kicks to the legs. Silva not in a hurry to get back up, but does eventually do so.

The ref wants the doctor to look at this cut and that’s not surprising as it’s an absolutely massive one!

The officials aren’t happy about it and so that’s it, the ref waves off the fight due to the cut and so Chiasson secures a TKO victory at 1.58mins of the 2nd round.

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