Maycee Barber Beats Amanda Ribas By TKO At UFC On ABC 5

Maycee Barber clocked in her best performances so far at UFC On ABC 5 today as she battled her way to a bloody second round TKO victory over Amanda Ribas.

Round One:

Missed head kick from Barber. Another kick from her and gets knocked off-balance as Ribas counters.

Spinning attack from Ribas. Now landing kicks to the inside and outside of the leg. Leg kick for Barber now.

Jab lands for Ribas and Barber connects too. Outside leg kick for Barber. Ribas with a right hand. She lands another.

Ribas steps into a right hand that lands cleanly. Right hand for Barber. Ribas drives Barber into the cage. Good elbow from Barber in close and Ribas is bleeding from the nose.

Head and arm throw from Ribas works but Barber soon scrambles back to her feet. Ribas still has her back against the cage though, but Barber is able to break away.

Missed head kick from Barber. Counter right from Ribas as Barber was coming forward. Now a left hand.

Ribas drops down looking for a leg lock. Barber staying calm on top and eventually works to a position where she can lands some punches while Ribas is still working for the submission.

Barber in a good position here to land ground-and-pound on the bloodied Ribas and is completely free from the submission attempt now, leaving Ribas to cling on to her as tight as she can for the remaining moments of the round.

Round Two:

Nice front kick to the body from Barber. Punch lands for Ribas. Barber attempting a takedown but Ribas defends it well.

Big punch from Ribas and now Barber is bleeding from the nose too. left hand gets through for Barber. she gets into close range and lands a couple of hooks. Now a head kick attempt from her.

Barber clinches up, but Ribas reverses the position and lands the head-and-arm throw again. Ribas working in Barber’s guard here as Barber looks to land from her back and scoots over towards the cage.

Barber working back to her feet but Barber still clinched up. Barber throwing an elbow. They break apart.

Head kick attempt from Barber but gets knocked off-balance. She resets and throws heavy punches.

Head kick gets through this time cleanly for Barber and then a right hand that forces Ribas to back up under fire. Ribas dives into a takedown attempt in desperation as further blows land, but it’s Barber who stuffs it and ends on top.

Barber blasts away with ground-and-pound as Ribas tries to cling on for dear life, but it’s not looking good for her and the ref decides he’s seen enough and that’s it, huge TKO win for Barber at 3.42mins of the 2nd round.

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