Shane Burgos Beats Charles Jourdain By Majority Decision At UFC On ABC 3

Charles Jourdain put in a terrific third round performance against Shane Burgos tonight at UFC On ABC 3 as he threw everything but the kitchen sink at his opponent, but it wasn’t to be enough as Burgos emerges with a majority decision win.

Round One:

Burgos pressing forward immediately with his hands down, but Jourdain throws a high kick that he does manage to block it. Another high kick is blocked soon after.

Jourdain chops to the leg and Burgos does too. Burgos with a flurry of punches close to the cage before Jourdain works away.

Burgos continues to pressure and goes for an early takedown. he brings Jourdain down, but finds himself in a guillotine attempt. He’s ok though and breaks out of it. They go back to the feet, but Burgos seizes on a rear-naked choke and drops back down with it.

He’s not able to sink it in fully though and Jourdain gradually manages to get free and stands back up, with Burgos losing his mouthpiece in the process so he’s given it as he stands back up and they get back to it.

Now it’s Jourdain who presses forward and lands a nice punch as he wades into the clinch. Now a knee from him.

Burgos able to break free as Jourdain was firing of an elbow. Head kick attempt from Jourdain.

They go bacck into the clinch and Jourdain works some knees before they separate.

Burgos with a low kick. Burgos clinching up again but that doesn’t land long. Burgos marching forward, but Jourdain comes at him with a flying knee. Competitive first round!

Round two:

Body kick for Jourdain and a leg kick from Burgos. Low kick for Jourdain. left hand from Burgos. Punch from Jourdain.

Right hand from Burgos, body shot from Jourdain. Jourdain circling on the outside, but always ready to fire off strikes when Burgos comes into range.

Burgos clinches up, gets to the back and hops onto it, locking in a body triangle. A few body punches from Burgos and Jourdain tries to knock him off-balance. Burgos manages to threaten with a rear-naked choke. Jourdain almost shakes him off, but Burgos adjusts and remains on his back, but without the choke in place.

Burgos quite high on Jourdain’s back as his opponent leans over while standing and makes life awkward for him.

Burgos still secure on top for now though and goes for the rear-naked choke attempt again. It’s more of a crank than anything else but doesn’t look like a good time for Jourdain. Burgos drops back with this, but he doesn’t have a finish in place and so he gives up on it.

Final 10 seconds and Burgos motions to the crowd for a moment who cheer in response and then lands some rapid-fire punches from short range.

Round Three:

Punch from Jourdain as Burgos lands a low kick. The same pattern happens again. Both men pump out the jab. left gets through for Jourdain who then covers up as Burgos tries to land.

Jab for Jourdain. Inside leg kick from Burgos. Nice short uppercut from Jourdain. Low kick from Burgos. He lands it again. Jab from Jourdain and a couple more punches behind it.

Right hand from Jourdain now as Burgos continues to work the leg kick. Now a jab from Burgos. Burgos back to the leg kick as Jourdain connects with a few clean punches.

Burgos now goes in for a takedown, but Jourdain stops that and fires off some nice strikes. Burgos back in on the takedown attempt, but Jourdain defending it well.

Burgos goes to a knee as Jourdain goes for knees. They break apart and Jourdain fires off fast punches and then goes into the clinch against the cage landing to the body.

Now Jourdain lands punches upstairs too, then back to the body again. Great work rate from him in the final round. Now a jumping knee and Burgos looks troubled and proceeds to eat a few big punches to the head for good measure.

They break away from the clinch, but its still Jourdain who still continues to unload with heavy punches. Incredible cardio from him to keep up this pace and Burgos is in danger here, but manages to get around to his opponents back and get some respite.

Burgos trying to set something up from here, but Jourdain just won’t be denied and eventually breaks away. Now Jourdain lands a kick upstairs, but Burgos eats it and that’s the final action of this back-and-forth battle.


Well there’s no doubt that Burgos won the second round and Jourdain won the third, so this might all hinge on how the judges saw that opening five minutes.

In the end it turns out to be a majority decision, with two judges seeing it in Burgos favor and one declaring it a draw, so Burgos emerges victorious (29-28 x2, 28-28).

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