Themba Gorimbo Defeats. Ramiz Brahimaj By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 241

Themba Gorimbo grinded his way to a unanimous decision victory over Ramiz Brajimaj tonight at UFC Fight Night 241.

Round One:

Front kick to the body from Gorimbo, but Brahimaj catches his leg and tries for a takedown. Gorimbo stays upright though and now presses him into the cage. Brahimaj able to reverse, but when he goes for a takedown it doesn’t pay off and he ends up pulling Gorimbo down on top of him.

Brahimaj uses the cage to get back to his feet, but with Gorimbo still clinched up against the cage. They jockey for position against the cage and Brahimaj ends up in the advantageous position. Again there’s a reverse of position as they continue to battle for supremacy against the cage.

Again Brahimaj attempts a takedown and botches it, with Gorimbo ending up on top like the last time. Brahimaj moves over to the cage and stands. Gorimmbo in the clinch though and landing a few knees to the leg.

More jockeying for position now against the cage until the end of the round.

Round Two:

Gorimbo with a couple of low kicks. Another lands solidly and then he’s back into that clinch position against the cage.

Brahimaj reverses the position. Brahimaj trying for a trip, but Gorimbo adjusts and then it’s he who lands a takedown.

Brahimaj stands, but gets taken down again almost immediately. Brahimaj upright again quickly though and they go back-and-forth in the clinch against the cage.

Knees to the thigh from Gorimbo before Brahimaj reverses him again. Brahimaj manages a takedown, but then Gorimbo is able to move on top. Brahimaj stands once again against the cage, leaving them back in the clinch.

They exchange knees with Gorimbo landing more. He looks for an elbow too. Now a trip takedown for Gorimbo. He moves around to the back now, but can’t fully get there as Brahimaj has his back up against the cage.

Round Three:

Jab for Gorimbo. Now a low kick. One-two for him and then into the clinch against the cage where most of the fight has taken place.

Knees exchanged and Gorimbo lands a hard one to the body. Brahimaj pushing Gorimbo into the cage and trying hard for a takedown, but he just can’t get it, and is then reversed.

More reversals but not too much happening. More knees to the body from Gorimbo. That continues until Brahimaj tries a trip takedown one last time, and like the other times earlier in the fight its Gorimbo who ends up on top.

Brahimaj stands up and gets taken back down again. One last time he gets up and we’re headed to the scorecards.


Not a whole lot of action here, but Gorimbo undoubtedly won the clinch battle and got on top on the mat several times, leading him to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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