Where Are They Now? – The Ultimate Fighters (Seasons 1-2)

Over the years, The Ultimate Fighter has offered an opportunity for new and up and coming talent to fight their way on to the sports biggest stage, the UFC.  Some have seized the opportunity and gone on to find fame and fortune as a result, with their careers playing out in front of millions of MMA fans around the world.

They are not the focus of this article, however.  Instead, we will look to find out what happened to some of the memorable characters from past seasons who didn’t obtain the same level of success in the octagon, and found themselves cut from the roster as a result.  Did they continue to pursue their dreams,  did they find success elsewhere, or did they just fade into obscurity?  Read on to find out…


Canadian Jason Thacker had one of the most unenviable appearances in the history of  The Ultimate Fighter.   For example – on his first night on the show fellow contestant Chris Leben decided it would be a good idea to piss on his pillow.  This came 0nly hours after being given the nickname ‘Strange Brew’ thanks to his unusual odor.  Not a great start then!  Things didn’t go any better in the following days as Thacker, who had no professional fights under his belt before entering the show, quickly realized that he wasn’t cut out for the intensity of the training regime.

By the second episode he had earned the dubious distinction of becoming the first ever contestant to be eliminated from the show.  Despite this Thacker somehow managed to earn a place on the TUF finale to face his nemesis, Leben.  Looking for revenge,  he instead ended up on the wrong end of a one-sided beatdown.

So what became of Jason Thacker?  What we do know is that he hasn’t fought since leaving the UFC.  It appears he retreated back to the rural town in British Columbia where he came from, perhaps to resume his previous job as an animator.  In 2007, a video with Thacker appeared in which he showed viewers around the abandoned truck stop that he used as a makeshift gym before going on the show.  Despite his ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ appearance on TUF, ‘Strange Brew’ has gained something of an ironic cult status amongst hardcore fans, and his name still crops up in conversation from time to time.

Other TUF 1 Competitors:

  • Chris Sanford (5-1 / Last Fought: August 2005)
  • Lodune Sincaid (15-8 / Former WEC Light-heavyweight champion / last Fought: June 2009)
  • Josh Rafferty (9-6 / Last Fought: November 2008)

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