Best Jiu Jitsu & Martial Arts Mats for Home

For some BJJ/MMA practitioners, it’s not always possible to train at a gym. For various reasons (like COVID-19), you may need to train at your home, especially since it’s a brilliant way to alleviate stress. But whether you prefer to train in a BJJ gi or a rash guard and shorts, you need a good BJJ/MMA mat to train at home. The value of a good mat cannot be underestimated because it can prevent you from getting painful bruises, scrapes, and burns – and if you have no training partners at home you can check out some of the best grappling dummies available.

There are a lot of BJJ/MMA mats out there, but which one of them is suitable for your needs? In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best BJJ/MMA mats for training at home.

Best BJJ & MMA Mats for Home

1. IncStores – 1″ MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles

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IncStores 1 inch MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles

This IncStores BJJ/MMA mat is perfect for training at home. It’s meant for gymming, yoga, cardiovascular exercises, and all combat sports. You get 1” tiles that you can connect together in any order. The tiles are extremely easy to connect and they stay together once they’re interlocked. The interlocking feature also prevents the individual tiles from slipping and sliding around.

Depending on your needs, you can get various types of sets ranging from a 4-tiles set to a 25-tiles set. The small 4-tiles set measures 36 square feet while the largest 25-tiles set measures 225 square feet. In addition to the size of the tiles, you can also choose the color. These tiles are available in reversible colors so you can choose Black/Grey or Blue/Red.

These tiles are made of non-recycled and non-toxic high density EVA foam material, which makes them extremely comfortable and lightweight. This BJJ/MMA mat is also backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

These tiles are meant for indoor use and they generally last several years as long as you take proper care of them. You should steam-clean these tiles at least once a day so they remain fresh and don’t collect germs, bacteria, or odors. If you don’t clean the tiles for an extended period, they’re likely to get grimy and unhealthy.

2. Greatmats Home MMA BJJ Mats

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Greatmats Home MMA BJJ Mats

Greatmats Home MMA BJJ Mats are professional MMA mats that are actually used by professional trainers and fighters across the country. Since these are professional mats, they’re slightly more expensive than regular home mats, so you should only consider these if you’re serious about MMA.

This MMA mat is also made of interlocking pieces of tiles. Each tile measures 2×2 feet and has a thickness of 1.5”. You get 10 tiles in a single set, which means the entire mat measures 22×22 feet. This mat is extremely easy to assemble and put together. They simply snap together and they don’t easily dislodge so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding.

These tiles are also easy to clean and they have a reversible Tatami surface. You can get them in two color combinations — Black/Gray and Red/Blue. The mat is lead-free, latex-free, and completely waterproof. Each set comes with 2 border strips so you can use any of the tiles as the corner.

3. We Sell Mats Martial Arts & MMA Workout Mat

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We Sell Mats Martial Arts & MMA Workout Mat

This BJJ/MMA mat by We Sell Mats is yet another Tatami Pattern jigsaw-style mat made of EVA foam. This mat also consists of interlocking tiles with each tile measuring 24” x 24” and 3/4” in thickness. You can get mats with 4 tiles measures 16 square feet all the way to 60 tiles measuring 240 square feet.

The tiles here are made of a single color, there’s no reversible color available. However, you do get far more colors — Black, Blue, Green, Hunter Green, Light Gray, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

The ribbed tatami pattern ensures that it has a strong grip. It also provides traction so that your feet don’t slip on the mat nor will the mat slip on the floor. This allows you to practice all of your martial arts and combat sports without fear of the mat breaking your form.

These tiles fit together perfectly and they’re difficult to dislodge. They’ve also been designed for gym use, i.e., to receive heavy foot traffic. So you can certainly use it for personal use and it will last you a considerably long time. Each tile comes with 2 borders that interlock together and you can treat any of the tiles as the corners.

These tiles are also extremely easy to clean. You can simply wash them with soap water and let them air dry. These mats are also designed to provide cushioning so your feet don’t fatigue easily. If you have hardwood floors, tiles, or other hard surfaces, these will be especially useful.

4. Z-Athletic Martial Arts Mats

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Z-Athletic Martial Arts Mats

If you don’t like the idea of piecing your mat together, then Z-Athletic Martial Arts Mats might be suitable for you. This is a whole mat that you can simply spread out on the floor and start practicing martial arts. You don’t have to piece it together every time. This brand is also highly reputable as they’ve been designing gym mats and martial arts mats for over 20 years and they’re commonly used in gyms across the globe.

The mat measures 4 feet x 8 feet x 2 inches (thickness). They only sell 2” thick mats to ensure firm support and ideal cushioning. The mats also come with hook and loop connections on all sides so you can also get additional similar mats and connect them together, in case you want to multiply the size of the mat.

The Z-Athletic Martial Arts Mats are made of high-density cross-linked polyethylene foam and they’re covered in a high quality vinyl material. The mats are also completely safe, lead-free, and non-toxic. The closed-cell foam used in this mat will also last a lot longer than the standard open cell foam used in most mats. You can get this mat in four different colors — Black, Blue, Pink, and Purple.

5. Dollamur Flexi-Roll Martial Arts Tatami Mat

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Dollamur Flexi-Roll Martial Arts Tatami Mat

Dollamur Flexi-Roll Martial Arts Tatami Mat is a tatami-textured mat that measures 5 feet x 10 feet and has a 1.25” thickness. This mat’s surface has been treated with Bio-PrufTM antimicrobials so that it’s completely hygienic and germ-resistant. While you still have to clean the mat every once in a while, you don’t have to worry about catching any skin infections or diseases because of this mat or its overuse.

At 1.25”, this mat isn’t as thick as several other mats out there. This might be either good or bad, deepening on your specific preferences. If you need considerable cushioning to prevent scraping your knees or elbows, for example if you have to kneel down a lot, then this might not be right for you. But if you need a mat that’s firm and only provides minimal cushion, then this is a great choice.

Dollamur Flexi-Roll Martial Arts Tatami Mat can also be rolled up easily and stored away. The vinyl surface also withstands peeling and cracking and remains fresh for a long time. The surface is also textured so you don’t slip on it. You can get it in two colors — red and royal blue.

6. IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats

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IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats

A highly portable and convenient alternative to the jigsaw-style mats are the rollable mats. These are extremely easy to setup because you simply roll them out and then roll them up again. They are also easy to carry around and store. These are also great solutions for MMA and BJJ practitioners because they have an antimicrobial and non-slip surface on which you can easily practice all of your moves.

IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats are some of the best BJJ/MMA rollout mats available. They are made of durable cross-link polyethylene foam that’s bonded to a needle-point carpet top, which makes the material extremely durable and easy to practice on.

You can get these mats in two thickness levels — 1 3/8” or 2” and they’re available in three dimensions — 4’ x 6’, 5′ x 10’, and 6′ x 42’. So you have a lot of different sizes and thickness to choose from. These mats weigh 12 pounds, 23 pounds, or up to 126 pounds, depending on the size and thickness.

If you want a larger surface to practice, you can also connect two or more mats together using velcro strips and later just take them apart when you’re done. This makes it extremely easy to roll up and store even large mats. These mats also come with a 1-year warranty. Finally, you can choose between eight different colors — Black, Blue, Charcoal Gray, Gray, Light Gray, Purple, Red, and Teal. All things considered, IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats are a great option for BJJ/MMA practitioners for home training.

7. Polar Aurora Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat

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Polar Aurora Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat

Polar Aurora Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat is a 2’ x 10’ x 2” foldable mat. This mat has been made of high-density and eco-friendly foam materials. It’s extremely soft but it still manages to be firm and highly durable, capable of withstanding regular foot traffic and high intensity exercise. The mat is made of 4 panels, each measuring 4′ x 2.5′ x 2”. You can fold the panels up when you want to store it.

Since the whole mat can be folded up along the panels, the storage space you need is relatively small. You also have two handles sewn into either ends of the mat so you can easily carry it about. The mat is also covered in PU leather so you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. It’s also extremely long lasting and the leather protects the inner foam, in addition to rendering the surface extremely smooth.

You also get velcro latches built on both sides of the mat. As such, you can add extra mats on the velcro straps and combine them to get a larger space. When you’re done, you can simply take them apart and store them separately. Polar Aurora Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat is available in 14 color combinations and styles — Blue/Green, Green/Black, Red/Black, Rose/Black, and many others.

8. Everlast 2’x6′ Folding Mat

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Everlast 2x6 Folding Mat

The best aspect of this Everlast folding mat is that it’s extremely easy to use. You simply have to unfold it and drop it on the floor. With that, you’re all set to start training! You don’t have to spend your time connecting pieces of the mat together, nor do you have to roll it out. When you’re done, you can simply fold it up again and the two ends of the mat will also include handles you can use to easily carry it around.

This is the perfect folding mat for MMA and BJJ practitioners who are either on the move and can’t access a gym or those who prefer to train at home. The outer material of the mat is non-absorbent so you can easily clean it with a wet cloth. As such, you don’t have to worry about stains and sweat persisting on it. The dimensions of this mat are 2 feet x 6 feet and it’s 1 5/8” in thickness – they are quite small so you’ll need to setup a couple side-by-side if you want to have a roll – otherwise, they are great for stretching or drilling.

9. WolfWise Extra Thick Gymnastic Mats

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WolfWise Extra Thick Gymnastic Mats

WolfWise Extra Thick Gymnastic Mats are made of premium eco-friendly EPP foam material so it provides perfect shock absorption for all of your body parts. This is a foldable mat that you can get in two sizes 6’ x 2’ and 6’ x 4’. This mat is completely waterproof because the outer layer is made of thickened PU/PVC leather. It also has a high density stitch in place that prevents it from coming apart. You can get this mat in four different colors — Black, Blue, Grey, and Pink.

Again, these are quite small so you’ll need to setup a couple side-by-side if you want to have a roll – otherwise, they are great for stretching or drilling.

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