Best Small & Portable Punching Bag for Apartments & Small Spaces

It is not very easy to find a punching bag that is suitable for an apartment or small spaces. They tend to occupy quite a bit of space and are loud. However, if you look hard enough, there are a few great options out there for apartments and small spaces. This guide reviews some of the best punching bags which are suitable for apartments and small spaces. These bags are relatively easier to set up and will not take up much room if you don’t want them to. 

There are two types of heavy punching bags- the hanging bag and the  freestanding bag. For apartments, you can also get a speed bag which can be installed in the doorway. 

The hanging heavy bag is the traditional one and you are bound to have seen it in some movie or at a gym. They can a solid beating. You can use them to develop good technique, power and also get an intense cardio workout. Because they need to be hung, you need to have a suitable beam on your ceiling. Otherwise, you can go for a heavy bag stand. 

Freestanding heavy bags have a wide base at the bottom which can be filled with sand or water for stability. These bags usually have a spring inside so the bag rocks back and forth when hit. If the bag is not heavy enough, it can still topple over if you hit with enough force.  Free Standing bags tend to be the most popular choice for apartments because they are easy to set up and do not take much space. If you want an even cheaper and more convenient option, you could go for a speed bag and a doorway installation setup. 

Punching bags can come filled or unfilled. Filled ones are more expensive but they’re still recommended. Unfilled bags are usually not as good. If you are on a tight budget and you have unused fabric lying at home you can consider this option. It is also important that you choose the right material. Genuine leather is most durable but is pretty expensive and uncommon these days.

Punching Bags for Apartments & Small Spaces


1. Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand

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Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand

The Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Bundle is like an all in one solution if you are looking to get both a heavy bag and speed bag as well as a stand. A pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps are included as well. It is incredible how much value they are offering considering the relatively moderate price point. If a hanging heavy bag is a must for you, it makes sense to invest in that one comes with a stand, which is the case here. The added advantage is that the stand also comes with a speed bag platform, swivel, and the bag so you can better develop your workout skills.

At the bottom of the stand, you will find pegs where weights can be added to help keep the stand in position when you are going at it with full intensity. You have a choice for the bag between 70 and 100 pounds. It makes sense to go for the 100-pound bag if you have got a little bit of power behind your punches. The bags are made of Everlast’s Nevatear material so you can be assured of the quality. The material is synthetic leather, designed to take many beatings without tearing. Even though it is not as durable as genuine leather, it will hold up reasonably well at the significantly cheaper price point.

The entire set up may seem to be very big but in actuality, it has a reasonably-sized footprint. The set up measures 66.5 x 47.6 x 86.2 inches. This is one of the very few stands that can accommodate both a heavy bag and a speed bag. The stand is very sturdy and is made using durable hollow powder-coated steel tubing. You will have to purchase the attachable weights separately though. The included heavy bag is Everlast PowerCore Heavy Bag and the speed bag is Everlast Everhide Speed Bag.

The height of the speed bag platform can be adjusted so you can fix it at a height which works best for you. This can be done by twisting two knobs that are attached to the platform. It is a good thing that this quality platform is built into the stand because good speed bag platforms are pretty expensive costing more than $200. The swivel is made of plastic and there are much better speed bag swivels in the market so if you are not happy with the one which is included, you can easily upgrade it.

As far as assembling is concerned you can get the whole thing up and running in a matter of half an hour. The bags come pre-inflated. All you have to attach the straps to the chain and you are ready to go It would have been great if it came included with the weights as well.

If you are a beginner and you have not invested in any equipment yet, you should definitely consider this bundle from Everlast.

2. Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag

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Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag

Ringside is one of the most well-known brands in boxing and the Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag is one of the best heavy bags on the market. You’ll need to arrange for a heavy bag stand or a beam to hang the bag from since there is no stand that comes along with it. However, you do get the chain and swivel that is needed to hang the bag from your desired location.

There are not too many better quality bags available in the market. The bag has 2-inch thick foam padding so the impact on your wrists, elbows, and shoulders is greatly reduced when striking. If you are new to boxing and have not developed solid technique, thick padding is the way to go. The bag is made using Powerhide, Ringside’s version of synthetic leather. Even though it is not at par with genuine leather, it is good enough for home use and will maintain its shape for a long time. There are many gyms which have this bag too.

The bag manages to weigh 100 pounds at a compact size of 14 x 42 inches. It is a great choice for an apartment because it is smaller than most other heavy bags in the market. The bag is perfect for contact sports athletes and you can even practice kicks and footwork.

3. Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag

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Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag

The Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag is a very versatile bag making it the favorite of many. Once you get used to its strange looks, you will see the sense behind its unique design. The bag has handles attached to its sides at the top and the base is widened. The handles are meant to practice the Thai clinch and dirty boxing and the wide base reduces impact for knee strikes and low kicks.

If you wish to get a fantastic well-rounded workout from your bag at the comfort of your apartment, this bag is a pretty good choice. The bag is made using Everlast’s Nevatear material. As mentioned earlier, Nevatear is very durable synthetic leather and can take a lot of beating without tearing. A dense outer foam shell is added to reduce the impact from your strikes even further. Another feature is the double end anchor at the bottom of the bag. The anchor can be attached to a weighted base so it will not swing when struck. This can be a pretty nifty feature if the space that you are working out in is small.

4. Ringside Freestanding Heavy Bag

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Ringside Freestanding Heavy Bag

The Ringside Freestanding Heavy Bag is one of the best freestanding punching bags suitable for any experience level. The advantage of freestanding bags over hanging bags is that they are longer. The Ringside Freestanding Heavy Bag has a lot of surface area (15” x 56”) you can work with for your punches, high and low kicks.

The bag has a spring-loaded design which allows it to swing back and forth when struck and not topple over. You can work on your timing as well by practicing punching the bag when it is swinging back. This will get you used to hitting a moving target.

The spring in the bag could get loud after using it for a few months. You can reduce the noise by lubricating it with something like WD-40. A The bag is made of durable vinyl shell laid over a thick shock-absorbing foam padding. This makes the bag very comfortable to hit and the chance of sustaining injuries to the hand is greatly reduced. The base is also padded for those low kicks.

Since the bag is freestanding, installing it in your apartment is more convenient as compared to a hanging bag. The plastic base can store up to 140 pounds of water which is good enough to stand against even the most powerful strikes.

5. Century Wavemaster Powerline

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Century Wavemaster Powerline

Century LLC is an industry leader in training gear for MMA and is well known to produce excellent punching bags. Their Wavemaster series has good quality bags for MMA training – all you’ll need to go with it is a decent pair of MMA training gloves.

The Powerline freestanding bag from the Wavemaster series is a good choice for apartments because of its size and height adjustment capabilities. The bag measures 17 inches in diameter with enough surface area but its small enough to comfortably fit inside an apartment. The height of the bag can be adjusted from 47 inches to 68 inches. You can reduce the height to prevent the bag from swinging too much which is helpful if you have limited space. The bag can easily withstand high-intensity training sessions.

The base of the bag can store up to 270 lbs of sand or water, so you can be sure of its stability. You should take note that the higher you fix the bag, the higher its center of gravity becomes which means it is easier to knock over. If you intend to go for a high power workout, you should fix the bag at its lowest for maximum stability. Even though you will be shelling out quite a bit of money for this bag, the relatively small size and height adjustability of the bag makes it a good buy.

6. Century Aerobic Wavemaster

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Century Aerobic Wavemaster

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster is another excellent freestanding heavy bag from the Wavemaster series. Unlike the Powerline which can take a heavy hitting, the Aerobic is much lighter and is meant for cardio-based workouts. The bag weighs at 170 pounds. This means it is easier to move around so you can easily store it away after you are done with your workout. The downside is it will easily get knocked if you decide to go hard at it. The bag still remains a good option if you want to develop your technique or get a good cardio workout at home.

The height of the bag is adjustable. 4 height adjustments are possible starting from 53.5 inches up to 65.5 inches. The diameter of the bag measures 10.5 inches. The interior of the bag is filled with high-density foam. The base of the bag can be filled with water or sand for more stability. The base is round in shape you can easily roll it around. The bag is available in red, black and blue colors and is more affordable than the Powerline.

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