Bryan Battle vs. Ange Loosa Ends In No-Contest Due To Eye-Poke At UFC Fight Night 239

Bryan Battle looked to have the upper-hand in his fight with Ange Loosa tonight at UFC Fight Night 239 until an accidental eye-poke left his opponent unable to continue, leading to a no-contest ruling.

Round One:

Calf kick for Loosa to start. Body kick from Battle. Now a knee from him. Jumping knee follows from Battle as he starts aggressively.

Battle striking into the clinch now but Loosa stays upright against the first takedown attempt.

Bit of a struggle in the clinch now and it leads to Battle landing a takedown. He briefly gets to full mount, but then Loosa does well to stand up.

Battle presses Loosa into the clinch. Knee to the body for him. Loosa trying to work off the cage, but Battle brings him right back there.

Trip attempt from Battle, but Loosa keeps his balance. Loosa looking to reverse the clinch now. Knee from Battle and a short flurry of punches from Loosa.

Back to striking range they go now. Kicks to the body from Battle. Now a punch down the pipe.

Front kick to the body from Battle. Low kick from Battle and a punch from Loosa. Leg kick for Loosa. Nice straight right from Battle.

Battle with a nice knee to the body. Now kicks from him. He lands a high body kick. Body punch from Loosa.

A few misses strikes from Battle and a leg kick from Loosa ends the round.

Round Two:

Missed head kick from Battle. He lands a punch and presses forward with a body kick too. leg kick from Loosa.

Jabs from Battle. Loosa complains of being poked in the eye and does get a stoppage to recover.

The doctor is brought in to assess the situation. Loosa seems fairly calm and his eye is still open, but he mentions something about blurry vision. He’s being given more time, but after another conversation he tells the officials he can’t see and so the fight is waved of.

The official decision in is and it goes down as a no-contest due to that eye-poke. Battle is absolutely livid at Loosa, convinced that he was just looking for a way out of the fight, and that almost leads to them fighting, but other step in to separate them as they yell at each other.

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