Dana White Roasts Tom Brady And Gets Roasted Himself

Dana White was one of the celebrities tasked with roasting Tom Brady for a Netflix special this past weekend, but along the way he ended up taking a few verbal blows too.

“It pisses me off, I flew all the way out there and you guys give me 60 seconds,” White said to Netflix at the start of his roast.  “My name is Dana, is that not trans enough for you liberal f*cks?”

“Tom, you played for the Patriots for so long that I was actually starting to feel like you were from Boston,” White continued.  “Then I saw you run and I was like, ‘No, he’s definitely from San Francisco.’”

“You led the league for 20 years in passing… as a straight guy.”

“I got two of the baddest dudes in the world here right now, ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley and Max Holloway. Tom, you would have been a great fighter. You’re already the master of the ground-and-pound. That’s what you call coffee dates with your boyfriend Alex Guerrero.”

“You people probably don’t know this, but Jeff Ross was very interested in the UFC. He thought it meant ‘Unlimited Fried Chicken.’ I love you, Tom.”

If your wondering who came up with White’s gags then the fact he was sitting next to comedian and well known roast-master Tony Hinchcliffe might give the game away.

Hinchcliffe is a long-time friend of UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and did an episode of the JRE podcast with him and White years ago.

However, with White sitting alongside not only Hinchcliffe but also a typically flamboyantly dressed Sean O’Malley and Max Holloway led to him being singled out for some flames from the other comedians in attendance.

“What’s up, Dana?” Jeff Ross said.  “Look at this: Talk about a legend in the room. Pull back. I want to show he brought the whole cast of ‘Queer Eye.’ Dana, who are these guys? Are these guys – are they neutered? What the f*ck is going on here? The sign said ‘No pets,’ Dana. I love you, Dana. You’re like Michael Vick but with human beings.”

Then Andrew Schulz waded in with his own jab at White over fighter pay while referencing Brady’s divorce to Brazilian supermodel Gisele.

“Oh that’s why Dana’s here: So you can learn to f*ck a Brazilian out of half their purse,” Shultz quipped.

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