Michael Morales Beats Jake Matthews By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 232

Michael Morales remains undefeated after beating Jake Matthews on the scorecards tonight at UFC Fight Night 232.

Round One:

Both men pumping out the jab to start. Morales with a low kick. Fast right hand from Morales and Matthews responds.

Straight right then a right hook from Morales. Jab for him as Matthews was attempting set up a flurry of punches.

Matthews misses badly on an overhand. Fast punches down the pipe from Morales. Now an inside low kick from him.

Matthews with a big hook, then Morales responds with straight punches that stumble his opponent backwards for a moment.

Low kick from Morales, but Matthews landed his too and caught him off-balance. Inside leg kick from Morales.

Nice one-two for Morales. Now a big flying knee, but doesn’t quite pay off as Matthews defend well.

left hand for Morales. Outside leg kick from him. Heavy left hook and a right and from Matthews. Jumping knee lands for Morales.

Morales attempts to go for a takedown, but Matthews threatens with a guillotine and that backs his opponent off. Final leg kick of the round for Morales.

Round Two:

Left hand for Morales. One-two from Matthews. calf kick for Morales. Matthews steps in with a left hook.

Uppercut inside from Matthews. Morales pressures into range and throws a flurry before Matthews backs out.

Matthews pressuring now and throws a one-two out there. Inside calf kick from Morales. Now a nice stepping jab from him.

Jab lands for Matthews too. Good hook connects for Matthews in close. Inside leg kick for Morales. Two punches land nicely for Matthews.

Snapping jab from Morales as Matthews kick to the leg. Superman punch from Morales. Matthews punching too in there though. Morales with a superman punch again.

Right hand for Matthews. Back to the superman punch for Morales. Matthews works to the body and then upstairs.

Left hook for Matthews and a right hand from Morales in return. Low kick for Morales and a jab. Glancing right hook. he thinks about a jumping knee but doesn’t fully commit. Morales with right and left hook and then bursts forward throwing more punches and a kick in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Front kick to the body Matthews. Heavy leg kick from him, but it lands to the groin and forces a stoppage to give him time to recover.

Back to it they go. Right hook for Morales. Now an inside leg kick. Right and a left from Matthews. Jumping knee attempt from him misses.

Glancing straight from Matthews and a counter hook from Morales. Leg kick for Morales. He lands it again and Matthews partially catches it but can’t do anything with that.

Stepping right hook from Morales. Morales pistons out the jab. Body punch for Morales. Inside leg kick from Morales. Matthews with punches just short of range.

Hard leg kick from Morales, but it goes to the groin and he needs a brief timeout now.

Right hook and a straight from Morales as they exchange. jab for Matthews. jab for Morales and a low kick for Matthews.

Leg kick for Matthews. Morales steps in with an uppercut. One-two for Matthews. A brief flurry of punches in close from both men. Good uppercut from Morales. Morales trying for a double-leg but Matthews stuffs it and threatens with the guillotine.

Final few seconds and they both look to land final punches, but we’re headed to the judges to decide a winner.


A close fight then, but the judges are unanimous in their decision that Michael Morales had the edge overall and he keeps his undefeated record intact (30-27, 29-28 x3).

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