Myktybek Orolbai Beats Uros Medic By Neck Crank At UFC Fight Night 232

Myktybek Orolbai was brought in for his UFC debut on only a few days notice tonight at UFC Fight night 232 and made the most of the opportunity by dominating Uros Medic on the mat with his wrestling before sinking in a fight-ending submission in the second round.

Round One:

Body kick from Medic to start. He lands another. He’s going for another as he works from range.

Medic attempts a high kick that comes of the guard. There’s a brief clinch and Medic lands a knee. Medic pouring on the pressure in this position and lands another knee.

Orolbai working for a takedown now to change things up and lands it. Medic working up and Orolboi brings him back down. Medic able to stand again against the cage but not for long. Medic works his back up against the cage again and Orolbai is trying to work for the takedown again. He has to work harder for it this time, but eventually does get it.

Orolbai cinches up the legs as he tries to keep the action grounded, but Medic is still able to find a way back upright. It’s rinse and repeat here though as Orolbai brings him to the mat once again. Medic trying to land upkicks.

Oralbai in half-guard up against the cage and lands a few punches. He then maintains control in the final seconds of the round. Medic tells his corner inbetween rounds that a cut to his left eye was caused by a headbutt. Doesn’t seem to be too bad though.

Round Two:

Medic back to the body kick. overhand for Orolbai. Now an inside low kick for him. Orolbai drives in for a double-leg and brings Medic down against the cage.

Orolbai showing good cardio so far considering he’s come in on less than a week’s notice. Orolbai cinching up the legs and walking up into three-quarter guard. Medic works for the butterfly guard to keep him at bay for now.

Orolbai working from half-guard as Medic’s back is up against the cage. Orolbai able to work around to the back and gets the body triangle. Medic able to scramble back to his feet. Orolbai presses him into the cage and then drags him back down.

Orolbai steps up into mount, but then settles for half-guard as Medic gets his back up to the cage. Orolbai trying to work for a rear-naked choke now, but doesn’t have it under the chin. Nevertheless, Orolbai just applies crushing pressure while going for a neck crank and forces Medic to tap out at 4.12mins of the second round!

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