Norma Dumont Defeats Chelsea Chandler By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 49

Norma Dumont beat Chelsea Chandler by unanimous decision at UFC On ESPN 49 and at one point in the first round even sent her opponent running face-first into the Octagon.

Round One:

Chandler with a leg kick to start. Now she misses with a front kick upstairs. Back to the leg kick. She throws a straight punch and Dumont blasts her with a series of punches.

A hard punch lands for Dumont and Chandler reacts by turning around and literally running away until she goes face first into the Octagon! Bizarre stuff and that’s going to be a highlight moment she won’t want to see again, but she’s still in the fight.

Chandler able to fight back now as she throws a punch and then works into the clinch against the cage. She’s looking to rough her opponent up from here. Dumont reverses position, but Chandler soon does the same in return and stays there.

Dumont able to work a trip with her back to the cage to get on top. Chandler’s coach urging her to go for a submission, but she can’t get anything going and Dumont gets some control time until the round ends.

Round Two:

They exchange at striking range straight away. Dumont lands a nice low kick that Chandler didn’t respond well to.

Dumont into the clinch. They break apart and Chandler presses forward throwing big strikes. Dumont more composed and looking to land counters. She lands a big one that stops Chandler in her tracks for a moment, but then she tries to fire back.

Chandler still aggressive, but showing no defense, and Dumont is able to land a takedown. Dumont looking to land ground-and-pound and postures up, only for Chandler to threaten with a potential armbar or triangle. Dumont avoids that though and tries to keep Chandler down as she throws an upkick and that starts to work back to her feet.

Chandler is able to get up and presses Dumont into the cage. Chandler with a few knees and Dumont lands a left hook right at the end of the round.

Round Three:

Swings and misses from Chandler as she presses forward with urgency, only to ten be taken down by Dumont. They are immediately back up with Dumont now pressing her up against the cage.

Chandler does well to land a takedown of her own now, but Dumont quickly works back up to her feet. Chandler in the clinch though and lands a knee then a good elbow before they break apart.

Elbow for Chandler now as she continues to keep the pressure on, but Dumont lands a nice takedown in the center of the Octagon.

Chandler on her knees then tries to work for a leg lock, but it doesn’t work out. Chandler on her knees and elbows as Dumont hooks a leg and lands some punches. Chandler trying to improve her position without success and Dumont has half-guard now and is working for a possible arm triangle.

Chandler avoids the submission set-up and now tries to get her legs in play to work for a possible submission. Dumont steering clear of that and some upkicks before getting back into her guard until the end of the fight.


Dumont was the more composed fighter here and took advantage of Chandler’s lack of defense on the feet to land both counter-strikes and takedowns on her way to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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