Pat Sabatini Beats T.J. Laramie By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 206

Pat Sabatini showed off his relentless takedowns and grappling ability tonight at UFC Fight Night 206 to earn a unanimous decision win over TJ Laramie.

Round One:

Leg kicks exchanged. Left hand for Laramie. Body kick. Laramie works into the clinch against the cage. Sabatini tries for a trip, but Laramie ends up on top and lands in half-guard.

Sabatini back to full guard. Now he’s getting a leg up high as he looks for a submission opportunity, but it doesn’t pay off and soon afterwards he scrambles back to his feet.

Laramie feeling out with the jab. Leg kick from Laramie, but Sabatini catches it and drives into a takedown. Laramie quickly stands back up against the cage though and soon breaks away.

Nice one-two for Sabatini. They clinch and Laramie presses his opponent into the cage. Sabatini pushes away to get space.

Big body kick for Sabatini hurts Laramie. He backs up and Sabatini throws a head kick and punches while swooping in to try to get the fight to the mat. However Laramie recovers well and then is able to get on top instead and ends the round there.

Round Two:

Sabatini trying for a single leg. Laramie defends and drives into the cage looking for a potential takedown of his own. Sabatini pressing away from the cage trying to work a takedown. Laramie stops that and they battle for control here.

Sabatini able to work a nice takedown and almost has his back. Laramie trying to get back up, but Sabatini is tight on him and disrupts his base.

Sabatini getting a little more secure on his back now and starts to land solid punches to the head. More punches connect as Laramie is on his knees.

Now Sabatini adjust his position and has good back control here while chipping away with more punches. He lands some more as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Body kick for Sabatini. Laramie fires back with punches. Potential takedown attempt but nothing doing. They go back to striking.

Sabatini with a single leg, but Laramie stuffs it and drives him up against the cage. Back to striking range again. Spinning kick from Sabatini misses.

Nice single leg from Sabatini in the center of the Octagon. Laramie thinking about a leg lock, but Sabatini is wise to it.

Laramie rolls onto his knees but soon after is flattened out on his back again with Sabatini in a high half-guard. Laramie gets him back to full guard then kicks away to get back on his feet.

Sabatini remains clinched up and trips Laramie back to the mat and partially has his back again now. He lands a few knees to the leg.

Laramie stands up but is dragged back down immediately. Laramie trying to stand again, but fails to do so and now Sabatini traps an arm. However, Laramie turns into him and ends up on top.

Sabatini working for an omaplata and keeps Laramie occupied for the final few seconds of the round.


Laramie had some succes in the opening round with his wrestling despite being hurt by a kick to the body, but in the rounds that followed it was Sabatini’s takedowns and control that took over and earns him a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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