Tatiana Suarez Submits Jessica Andrade In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 50

Tatiana Suarez strengthened her case for a title shot tonight at UFC On ESPN 50 with a 2nd round submission finish of Jessica Andrade.

Round One:

Suarez with an early body kick. Now a front kick to the midsection that grazes the target. Another kick from her.

Missed leg kick from Andrade. Another front kick to the body from Suarez. Leg kick for Andrade.

Body kick for Suarez. Missed push kick from Andrade is almost caught by Suarez. Inside leg kick from Andrade.

Straight left for Suarez. Missed hook from Andrade and Suarez ducks down and goes in low for a takedown. She doesn’t get it at the first attempt, but she works at it and does secure top position.

Andrade able to stand against the cage, but Suarez threatens with a potential guillotine and lands a nice knee. Suarez not committing to the choke, but using it to keep Andrade under control.

Andrade gets out of that and starts to jockey for position as Suarez works knees. They break apart now and Andrade starts to apply some pressure. Saurez staying composed though in the final stages of the round.

Round Two:

Suarez working the body kick again early in round two. Now a leg kick. Suarez drives into a single-leg takedown, nicely hooks a leg to help her complete it and ends up in side control.

Andrade suddenly scrambles back to her feet, but Suarez nicely brings her right back down looking for a d’arce choke, then drops to her back as she switches to a guillotine choke instead. It’s in tight and Andrade is reluctantly forced to tap out at 1.31mins of Rd2!

It’s a real shame that bad injuries stole several years of Saurez’s career, but now that she’s back and in top form it’s clear she’s more than ready for a title shot.

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