Wearing BJJ spats have benefits such as good blood circulation, muscle soreness reduction, and many others. These are some of the best BJJ spats on the market.

Spats, while earlier were ridiculed for their designs have now become extremely cool aesthetically. The need for spats, especially in grappling and other combat sports cannot be denied. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the spats fulfill some very important requirements of grapplers.

Spats are body rash guards and are important in combat sports where one grapples around on mats, as the wearer gets burns and scratches from mats and everything else they come into contact with. Therefore with innovation in spats, there are now antimicrobial materials that are used to make spats and therefore the clothing itself protects the wearer against germs.

The spats also keep the wearer dry as such intense activities can cause overheating and a lot of sweating. Therefore, the material must dry fast. Good spats, therefore, need to regulate temperature, keeping the wearer cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather. Good spats have long-lasting compression effects.

Compression is especially important for spats being worn during combat exercises as these exercises are high-intensity exercises. The compression effect helps the muscles work efficiently and recover much better.

Polyester, lycra, nylon, and spandex are popular materials. Ventilation is very important for a spat’s material. BJJ Spats should also be anti-microbial with dry tech. Fit and comfort are extremely important as they should not feel bulky and be a hindrance. Apart from protectiveness, material, and comfort, the spats need to be durable, and that comes down to the stitching. Reinforced stitching, especially at the seams, is always preferred.

These are some of the best BJJ spats on the market based on our research.

Best Spats for BJJ

1. TSLA Yoga Pants

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TSLA Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are uniquely designed for improved shape control, better breathability, UV protection, and long-lasting durability. It has Aerisoft Thick-Contour Design that slims, conforms, and contours with each pose and movement.

It provides support and coverage that highlights the wearer’s body shape. There is a slight compression that lifts the bottom, providing a nice shape. Soft and very comfortable, these yoga pants even stay up around the tummy area as it is high waisted. It has subtle designs at the seams. This product is great for yoga and everyday outdoor activities and fashionable to boot.

2. Anthem Athletics HELO-X Grappling Spats

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Anthem Athletics HELO-X Grappling Spats

This product has a long list of positives. It is form-fitting and stylish. Along with looking great, it gives one better endurance and is lightweight. It allows high ventilation and therefore will keep the owner cool and dry.

The material is tough and durable as it can stretch in all directions without losing its shape or elasticity since it is a high-quality fabric. The elastic will not crack after some washes and the logos and graphics will not peel or crack either. Without any compromises in the durability factors, this product is perfect for long term usage. The material of this product improves blood circulation as it uses a gradual compression system to help move blood back towards the heart, allowing oxygenated blood to flow to one’s extremities.

This, in turn, reduces fatigue while working out, and one can exercise longer while wearing this product. The technology used in this product enables great performance and durability along with maintaining great style. Available in various designs and colors, this product is definitely worth the investment.

3. Optimal Human BJJ Jiu Jitsu Spats

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Optimal Human BJJ Jiu Jitsu Spats

This is a versatile product as it is quite affordable and meets all the qualities of a high-end product. For extra compression in one’s spats, this is an especially great pair. They have strategic wrapping and therefore they can hit the muscles perfectly enabling the user to perform their best with the reduction in muscle soreness.

Made of nylon and spandex, it is lightweight and form-fitting. The breathable material allows great ventilation and keeps one dry while working out. Since it is lightweight, one does not feel tired of wearing it. One slight snag with the product is that the threads may come loose after one too many washes.

The product comes into the market at a low price point and is all around a great one to have. It can be worn indoors or outdoors. It is also meant to work as a base layer for most sports and a protective layer for combat sports. It ticks a lot of boxes considering the price it comes for. Comfortable, lightweight, durable, protection from the sun, one should definitely give this product a try.

4. Sub Sports Elite RX Mens Tights

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Sub Sports Elite RX Mens Tights

The fabric and stitching technology used in this product is revolutionary. It uses a process called flatlock stitching. This type of stitching prevents the fabric from bunching up at the seams. The fabric lays completely smooth and flat against the skin. Therefore the seam is barely noticeable and the skin does not chafe or become irritated by the material.

For people who play outdoor sports, protection from the sun is really important. Outdoor activity may get really hot, and therefore it is important for the material to be airy and well ventilated. Thus this product, since it is made of a breathable material, protects the wearer from the sun’s UV rays and from overheating.

It is also quite durable, stretchy and reliable. It is an overall affordable product that should be considered seriously while buying sports gear. The UV protection feature makes it special and worth a buy. It may, however, run slightly larger and one has to refer to the size guide to ensure the correct fit.

5. Sanabul Mens Compression Base Layer

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Sanabul Mens Compression Base Layer

Sanabul is a brand that is famous for producing high-quality combat gear range. They have earned a reputation for being a trusted brand in this industry. One of the biggest attractions of this product is its reinforced sewing at the seams.

The seams are the weakest part of any clothing item and the first to come undone. The threading is really important as it interacts with the original integrity of the cloth. The seams are double stitched in this product, making ripping or tearing at the seams a difficulty. This product can serve as an amazing base layer, as it is very thin and lightweight. It also serves well in warmer climates and for doing water activities.

It provides some warmth while being lightweight and comfortable. It is protective enough to serve as a single layer. The product is cost-efficient, has variations in style and color, is long-lasting, suitable for daily use, versatile and overall quite perfect. It may run slightly smaller so one is advised to refer to the style guide.

6. Zipravs Men’s Compression Pants

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Zipravs Men's Compression Pants

This product is extremely form-fitting, almost like a second skin. The fabric of this product is chemically treated to fight bacteria and prevents it from smelling. This is important because working out is a sweaty activity done in usually hot environments.

Therefore, odors usually develop and it is hard to remove smells once it is imbibed by the fabric. This material can withstand stretching in all directions and is therefore suitable for combat sports that require twisting and turning in a variety of ways. Very well streamlined and comfortable, anti-odor, stretchy and durable, with so many attractive features, this product is slightly expensive but it’s well worth the price considering how long it will last, which is a long time.

7. Elite Sports Workout Spats

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Elite Sports Workout Spats

A product with a number of great qualities including improved blood flow, anti-slip technology and, great cost value. It is highly desirable for its compression capabilities. Wearing tight clothing during working out cuts off blood circulation after some time. Therefore the body fatigues faster. This product’s compression material improves blood circulation instead.

The material gently massages the muscles and helps the blood keep moving. This increased blood flow means the ability to workout longer and better performance during training. With age, all products loose elasticity and frays at the stitchings.

This product has an elastic lining inner cuff, near the ankles that keeps one’s spats up and in place. Affordable, durable, machine washable, 4-way stretch and UV protection, this product has it all. A great product for beginners who are not willing to invest too much in gear. It also protects one from getting rashes or cuts from exercise mats that one may be using and serves well as running gear too.

8. ROAR MMA Sphere Compression Pants

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ROAR MMA Sphere Compression Pants

This product has the desired 4-way compression technology. It is extremely flexible and comfortable. The fabric is a breathable material and absorbs sweat and allows natural evaporation. The finish of the product is extremely smooth with fiber fused graphics for unmatched durability.

For best fit, one is advised to refer to the size chart. The compression technology ensures better performance and greater recovery. The only con is that a different colored seam runs from the crotch to the buttocks which may be unsightly to some. Serves well for stand-alone pair but can be used under layers as well. Overall, a pretty versatile product.

9. Red Plume Men’s Sports Compression Pants

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Red Plume Men's Sports Compression Pants

This is a full-length product, perfect for grappling, etc. They have a varied range of designs. The material is 85% polyester and 15% specialty polyester fibers. Comfortable, and with an inbuilt ventilation system, this results in moisture-wicking and thus keeps the wearer dry while working out and exercising.

Professional elastically stretchable fabric means it is durable as it can withstand a range of stretching and movement. It is, therefore, tear-resistant allowing mobility and freedom of movement.

This product also provides  excellent compression which results in improved blood flow, facilitating better performance and better recovery. It is also washer friendly, thus adding to its list of perks. These sports compression tights are perfect for all-season training, baseballs, skiing, soccer, and all-weather sports.

10. 2XU Men’s Hyoptik Tights

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2XU Men's Hyoptik Tights

These tights are made specifically for optimal performance. It is made from a premium fabric called PWX, crafted from high filament yarns with lycra, creating a durable, sweat-wicking fabric that will last for years to come.

The material has antibacterial properties and therefore the tights remain fresh even after a grueling workout. The stitching is reinforced with flat-lock stitching, therefore the material remains flat against the skin and does not rip at the seams even after a long time of usage. It has great compression and has an inner brushed thermal layer helping the wearer keep warm during cold days.

It fits well, and is extremely comfortable and has a drawstring waistband letting the wearer adjust the waist to one’s heart’s content. Great for all weather, all sports, all performance, 2XU’s tights are really top of the line.

11. Sub Sports Mens Compression Leggings

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Sub Sports Mens Compression Leggings

These mid-weight compression tights are an ideal base layer and are highly stretchable. The fabric is moisture-wicking and therefore takes away the sweat during high-intensity performances. It enables the wearer to stay dry and the tight fit provides targeted compression to key muscles, increasing power and endurance.

The seams are comfortable and irritation-free. The garment is designed to feel tight, but one may move a size up if it proves to be too uncomfortable. It is made of nylon and elastane. It is suitable for a range of activities like running, cycling, gym, football, combat sports, etc.

12. Neleus Men’s Compression Pants

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Neleus Men's Compression Pants

These spats are without a doubt one of the best in class. The design is pretty simple, and the material is partly polyester and spandex. Therefore the pants offer a range of motion and are highly stretchable. It does not compromise on comfort either.

The elastic is durable, the material is quick-drying because of a built-in two-watt air circulation system that ensures breathability in the fabric. The material is also anti-microbial and resistant to odor. There is also plenty of color variations available and the spats come as a two-pack, with the second pair free. Therefore, it’s a great value for money product.

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