When I first saw a rumor that Nick Diaz was about to start his own MMA fight promotion I immediately thought it was some kind of joke, but it turns out it actually might be true.

The first clue was a website that’s been set up called nickdiazpromotions.com which currently only hosts a single logo titled, ‘War Mixed Martial Arts’ along with a message saying ‘Coming Soon.’

Anybody can put up a website, but apparently MMAJunkie.com have been doing some digging around and have confirmed with the California State Athletic Commission that Diaz has in fact been in tough with them to begin the process of applying to become a fight promoter in the state.

Following his latest defeat to Georges St.Pierre back in March in the UFC Diaz indicated that he was planning to retire and has since suggested that he’d only return for either a rematch with GSP or for a chance to fight against Anderson Silva – two options that seem a little unlikely at this stage.

With that in mind the Stockton native is in need of something else to do with his time, but few would have predicted that he would have gone down this route.

It should be stressed that it doesn’t look like he’s trying to overthrow the UFC here – it’s expected that these will just be local fights held in California with up-and-coming fighters.

Nevertheless, hopefully he has some savvy people around to help him with this venture as this isn’t the sort of business you want to get involved with on a whim.