Abel Trujillo Submits Tony Sims With Guillotine Choke At UFC 195

Abel Trujillo was able to to take advantage of a takedown attempt from Tony Sims to sink in a fight-ending guillotine choke in the opening round tonight at UFC 195 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Trujillo takes the center of the Octagon to start. He’s the first to try to engage, but misses with a strike as Sims shifts around on the outside. Sims misses with a punch too. Brief exchange in close. Trujillo powers into a punch and ends up running head first into the cage.

Trujillo darts in again and Sims catches him with a counter. The same sequence of events happens again. In the center of the Octagon Sims unleashes a solid right and left.

Trujillo now looking for the takedown and works hard for it against the cage, but Sims defends and gets away. Sims with a short flurry.

Sims ducks under with good timing and works nicely for a takedown. However that quickly proves to have been a mistake as Trujillo has a hold of a guillotine choke on the way down. Sims trying to roll out of it, but that doesn’t help and Trujillo cranks hard on the choke and forces Sims to tap with 3.18mins of the first round gone.

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