Abu Azaitar Defeats Vitor Miranda By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 134

Abu Azaitar’s hard working performance against Vitor Miranda at UFC Fight Night 134 helped him to a unanimous decision victory in Hamburg tonight.

Round One:

Front kick to the head and then to the body from Azaitar. Now he tries for a big overhand but doesn’t connect. He lunges into a body punch. He’s staying busy in these opening moments.

Kick from Miranda as he looks to establish himself into the fight, but Azaitar is quickly back on the offensive with more punches.

Leg kick for Azaitar. Another flurry and he lands a good uppercut in that exchange. A bit wild from Azaitar as he comes forward again.

leg kick for Miranda. He covers up and blocks a few punches. Miranda attempting to close distance, but gets clipped by a hook frrom Azaitar.

Azaitar now works to the body with punches. Leg kick for Miranda who is remaining patient despite this early onslaught from his opponent.

Two lefts and a right from Azaitar. Suddenly Miranda comess in on a takedown. He’s in half guard with over a minute and a half to work.

Miranda smothering Azaitar in the center of the Octagon. A little offense, but nothing too meaningful.He lands a left hand and then Azaitar scrambles to his feet and is immediately swinging hard with punches at Miranda, who is forced to back up. Azaitar very aggressive and may have to watch his energy reserves here, but he’s certainly putting on a show to attempt to seal this round in his favor.

Round Two:

Looping overhand from Azaitar that is not effective. Leg kick from Azaitar, but it’s checked. Jab for Miranda but then a response from Azaitar.

A knee and now a right hand from Azaitar. Miranda in on a single leg takedown, but not working right now. He doggedly sticks to it though and a mistake from Azaitar allows him to securely put him on the mat.

Miranda works to full mount and works for an arm triangle choke. However, Azaitar muscles his way out of that and gets back to his feet.

Azaitar looking to wade in, but Miranda lands another takedown in the center of the Octagon. again Miranda is able to move into full mount.

However, Azaitar then rolls and gets to his knees and Miranda isn’t able to securely take his back and so Azaitar ends up on top.

90 seconds to go and Azaitar is in Miranda’s full guard. Not much happening as Azaitar tries to work and the referee tells them to stand up, then warns Azaitar for landing a puncha after he told them to break.

Azaitar trying to launch more heavy leather and Miranda ducks underneath and goes for the takedown. Azaitar defends though and looks to work on the mat in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Azaitar with a body kick. Now he goes in for a takedown and that catches Miranda off-guard, leading to him landing flat on his back in the center of the Octagon.

Azaitar busy with punches on top, but then Miranda works for an armbar attempt and Azaitar is suddenly in defensive mode. It’s a battle for a while, but Miranda is unable to wrench his arm free and he lets go and moves to maintain top position.

Miranda in Azaitar’s guard now and looks to pass, nicely moving into side control. Not able to get much offense from her at the moment though.

Miranda looking to pass into full mount, but Azaitar rolls and ends up on top! Big mistake from Miranda to give up that dominant position.

Azaitar in half guard and he looks busier than his opponent on top. Azaitar takes his back with 10 seconds left. However, Miranda scrambles at the last moment and ends up on top as the round ends.


Both fighters had their moments in this fight, with Miranda having to turn to his wrestling game to make an impact, but Azaitar was the busier fighter throughout the course of 15 minutes and that’s helped earn a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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