Aussie MMA Legend Adrian Pang’s Fight for Justice

adrian the hunter pang

Four years ago, Australian MMA legend Adrian “The Hunter” Pang was viciously and cowardly assaulted while on a night out on the Gold Coast.

Two of the bouncers at the Sin City nightclub on the Gold Coast ezra clayton assaulted adrian pangtackled Pang from behind whilst and proceeded with the savage beating. Security then lifted “The Hunter” to his feet when Ezra Clayton (pictured right) ran in with a flying elbow that knocked himself and security to the floor.

Pang was then removed from club with his face so badly broken that fragmented pieces of bone collapsed into his throat.

Adrian then walked back to his hotel and was driven by back to Brisbane by his friends who all witnessed the vile incident. From there, “The Hunter” drove a further 45 minutes home while holding his fractured cheek bones & orbital socket in place as he drove.

Later that night, Adrian was rushed to the hospital emergency ward. His cheeks were so badly fractured that most parts had nowhere available to put plates. Pang underwent a complete eye orbital reconstruction and had plates inserted to rebuild his eye socket.

adrian pang in hospital after his assault

“I have permanent poor vision in my right eye and the entire side of my face is permanently numb. Surgeons told me I would never fight again due to the severe trauma I had received & I was unable to work my own business for months as I had internal bleeding behind my sinuses. It took over 3 weeks for one of my eyes to even begin to open & months before slight vision returned” Pang stated on his Facebook page.

It has been a long fight for justice for Adrian Pang and it culminated in court on the Gold Coast today where Clayton’s legal team successfully had the charges downgraded from grievous bodily harm to common assault. A complete miscarriage of justice.

Australia is a country with deservedly harsh laws for ‘coward punch’ attackers, and this ruling makes a mockery of those laws. Is Australia going to be tough on coward attacks? Or let the attackers walk with common assault charges?

Had it have been anyone else that night, they may not have lived to tell their story.

Ezra Clayton is nothing but a common thug and deserves a jail sentence for his vicious, cowardly attack on Adrian Pang.

adrian pang fights in december

On the positive side for Adrian “The Hunter” Pang, and despite the odds, he mas managed to get back into professional MMA. The 37-year-old trains twice a day out of Integrated MMA in Brisbane, Australia, as he prepares for battle with Dutchamn Vincent Latoel in ONE Fighting Chamionship in China, on December 19.

Adrian, from everyone here at MMA Insight, we wish you all the best and we’ll be cheering you on!

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