Al Iaquinta Earns TKO Victory Against Ross Pearson At UFC Fight Night 55

Al Iaquinta earned the biggest win of his career tonight in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 55 with a TKO finish against former TUF winner Ross Pearson.

Round One:

Pearson immediately to the center of the Octagon. Iaquinta tries an early side kick to the body. Right hook lands for Pearson. Iaquinta with a kick that lands. Another right hand for Pearson, then another shortly afterwards from an angle.

Pearson continuing to push the action. Straight right for Iaquinta, leg kick lands for Pearson. Pearson with a body kick. Pearson catches a kick and tries to take Iaquinta to the mat, but Iaquinta escapes and is right up to his feet.

Right hand clips Pearson’s head. Pearson with a solid left hook. Pearson ducks a punch from Iaquinta. Uppercut for Pearson. A right hand scores now. Iaquinta tries a kick upstairs, but it’s blocked.

Right straight for Iaquinta. He’s found some success with that in this opening round. Iaquinta with a push kick and an uppercut just misses behind it. Both men still looking to exchange as the round comes a close.

Round Two:

Side kick for Iaquinta just glances Pearson’s body. Hard inside leg kick from Pearson. Pearson misses with a front kick to the face and Iaquinta counters with a short flurry.

They exchange in close and both men land. Head kick for Pearson is blocked, but he’s then countered by a big punch from Iaquinta that drops him to the mat.

Pearson gets quickly up to his feet, but he’s not quite on steady legs here and Iaquinta senses it. He goes into top gear with an onslaught of punches and the still dazed Pearson is in real trouble here. Lefts and rights land and Pearson goes down. And that’s it, the referee has seen enough and Iaquinta earns a big TKO win at 1.39mins of the second round.


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