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Alan Belcher Eye Injury Update Following UFC 159

Alan Belcher’s fight with Michael Bisping came to an unfortunate end at UFC 159 last night due to a third round unintentional eye-poke that left him unable to continue.

Blood could be seen coming out of his right eye which needless to say was a big concern, but even more so due to the fact that ‘The Talent’ has already experiened a potentially career-threatening detached retina to that eye in the past.

Thankfully, after a visit to the hospital Belcher was able to offer an update that indicated that he hadn’t suffered the same injury as before.

“I’m ok.. Just got back from e.r. 8 stitches in eyelid,” Belcher wrote on Twitter. “Disappointed. To my real supporters, I’m sorry, thank you once again.”

As a result of his injury the fight was decided by a technical decision based on what had happened in the fight up until that point and that resulted in his opponent, Bisping winning the fight by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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