Albert Tumenov Defeats Lorenz Larkin By Split Decision At UFC 195

Albert Tumenov earned a split decision win over Lorenz Larkin tonight in a very closely contested fight at UFC 195.

Round One:

They circle around each other in the center of the Octagon. Larkin with a leg kick. Another leg kick from him and Tumenov tries to counter with a punch.

Larkin snapping out his jab. Tumenov utilizing movement and then lands a nice counter punch as Larkin looks for the leg kick again. Tumenov stalking and again offers a straight counter when the leg kick comes.

Leg kick lands for Larkin and he eats the counter to the face. Larkin gets a couple of those leg kicks through without a counter.

Hard right and left from Larkin and then wades forward looking to continue the assault with more punches. Another nice punch from Tumenov as Larkin hits reverse gear.

Head kick attempt from Tumenov now. Leg kick from Larkin. Tumenov picking his moments to look for more punches. These leg kicks from Larkin are taking their toll though and Tumenov is reaching down trying to catch them. Oblique kick from Larkin.

That’s the end of the round. In between rounds Larkin suddenly seems in pain. It’s something to do with the braces he has in his mouth, but in the end he just jams in his mouthpiece and gets ready to fight.

They exchange in close with Larkin being the more aggressive with punches. Now he returns to those leg kicks. Tumenov still pressing forward anyway hoping to land punches, but not finding the target too often for now.

Tumenov lands a solid uppercut and tries to do the same again. The leg kick slaps home from Larkin and then feels out with the right hand. Nice combination of punches to the body and head from Tumenov. Leg kick for Larkin.

Tumenov lands a punch as Larkin is backed up against the cage. He puts together a combo to the body and head and Larkin tries for an uppercut as a deterrent.

This time when the leg kick from Larkin lands Tumenov’s leg almost buckles slightly. Still, Tumenov eager to land more punches and digs hard to the body.

Tumenov wisely checks a kick and then works to the body again. Another checked kick and continuing to be effective when he lets his hands go. Big left hand in particular gets Larkin’s attention.

Tumenov going upstairs with a head kick attempt now that glances the top of his opponents head. Rounds ends and Tumenov hobbles back to his corner slightly – his leg is hurt from all those kicks that Larkin’s been landing.

Round Three:

leg kick from Tumenov for a change. Larkin quick to give him one in return and then another, inside this time. Tumenov with a head kick attempt, but nothing doing there.

Jab for Tumenov. Larkin misses with a leg kick and Tumenov lands one instead. Larkin lands a hard leg kick and Tumenov responds with a counter punch.

Spinning heel kick to the leg now from Larkin. He continues to target that limb and spins into it again. Tumenov’s leg buckling slightly at times, but he’s trying to gut his way through the pain.

Again with the spinning heel kick. Tumenov lands a body kick. Kicks to both legs from Larkin. Tumenov lands to the body with a punch.

Tumenov with a jab. Now he pieces together a combo of punches that’s largely blocked. Digging left to the body from Tumenov. Larkin tries to land a punch, but eats a counter instead. He’s definitely at his best when he just focuses on his kicks in this particular fight as Tumenov’s boxing is very good.

Larkin steps in with an elbow. Now back to the leg kicks. Suddenly Larkin bursts into a takedown attempt, pressing Tumenov up against the cage with less than 30 seconds to go. Tumenov reverses the position and has him pushes up against the cage. Larkin lands a right hand as they separate and that’s the end of the fight, we’re headed to a judges decision.


Tumenov had the better boxing of the two tonight and worked very nicely to the body at times, while Larkin’s constant leg kicks really took their toll over the course of three rounds and arguably caused the most damage overall. In the end the judges render a split decision verdict and it’s Tumenov who gets the win (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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