Alexander Gustafsson Suggests No.1 Contender Bout With Lyoto Machida

With Jon Jones likely out of action for the summer due to his broken toe, Alexander Gustafsson has put his thinking cap on and come up with an idea to keep the momentum going at the top of the light-heavyweight division.

Lyoto Machida had originally been highlighted as Jones next opponent, but rather than having him sit about waiting for the champion to return Gustafsson has suggested that he fight him instead to establish a true No.1 contender.

“If Jones will be out for a longer time, I’d fight Machida if that’s what the UFC wants,” Gustafsson stated on ‘The MMA Hour’ show yesterday. “Of course, and if Machida wants it, no problem. I’ll fight him.”

I like the sound of that. Gustafsson is many people’s eyes already the rightful next title contender after six wins in a row – in fact even Jones himself indicated that’s who he’d like to fight – but the UFC had already pushed Machida to the front of the queue despite only having two wins under his belt since a submission loss to the champion in late 2011.

A fight between them would establish for certain who deserves the opportunity, and would strengthen the winners case that they have a legitimate chance to upset the current dominant champion.


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