Alexander Volkov TKO’s Alistair Overeem In Second Round At UFC Fight Night 184

A tentative Alistair Overeem was left bloodied and battered by Alexander Volkov’s crisp, powerful striking tonight at UFC Fight Night 184, leading to a second round TKO finish.

Round One:

The main event heavyweight fight is underway in Las Vegas.

Volkov with an inside calf kick to start and Overeem is immediately in his defensive shell as Volkov chips away at him, then backs off.

Overeem keeping just out of range from Volkov’s jab. Volkov with a kick to the leg. Another inside calf kick from Volkov.

Overhand left for Overeem. He lands another one soon afterwards. Overeem tries to get into the clinch, but they break away.

Volkov with a jab. He lands another and Overeem with a left hand. Nice uppercut from Overeem. Now a leg kick.

Overeem attempts a punch, misses and Volkov lands a big left hand. Overeem slips to the mat, but is soon back up.

They reset in the center of the Octagon now. Volkov pressing forward and throws punches then a big knee. Now a front kick to the body. A jab lands.

Inside leg kick for Volkov. Overeem backing up and getting his guard up. Volkov with straight punches and hooks, now a knee as Overeem continues to defend. He survives that onslaught. Overeem with a final punch as the round ends and his nose is bloodied now.

Round Two:

Volkov lands a jab. Overeem attempts a head kick that’s blocked. Another jab from Volkov. A left hook. Back to the jab.

Overeem ducks into a punch. The Reem gets into the clinch but doesn’t stay there as Volkov shrugs him off. leg kick for the bloodied Overeem.

Overeem stalking Volkov. he bursts into a right hand. One-two for Volkov and Overeem looked hurt by that and backs up.

More punches from Volkov and Overeem covers up clearly hurt. He survives for now though and starts to come forward again with his face looking a real mess now.

Right hand and then a left hook for Volkov that lands clean and Overeem staggers to the mat rocked, and that’s it, the fight is over! Volkov TKO’s the legendary veteran at 2.06mins of the second round.

So, Volkov will continue his campaign towards title contention, while Overeem recently began talking about retirement and now would seem like as good a time as any to make good on that plan.

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