Alexsei Oleinik Finishes Mark Hunt In First Round By Rear-Naked Choke At UFC Fight Night 136

Alexsei Oleinik managed to get Mark Hunt to the mat in the first round tonight at UFC fight Night 136 and then showed of his impressive submission prowess by securing a rear-naked choke finish shortly afterwards.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Moscow!

Leg kick for Hunt to start. Snapping jab from him. Oleinik with an overhand attempt. Hard left hook for Oleinik. Overhand misses from Hunt.

Three punches from Oleinik, but reaching a little with those. Enormous right hand from Hunt lands clean and Oleinik wobbles, but then regains his bearings.

Leg kick from Hunt and Oleinik is off-balance for a moment. Tough start for him, but he’s hanging on in there. Left hook for Hunt.

Overhand from Oleinik is nowhere near landing. Oleinik tries for a takedown, but nothing doing. Hunt lands another leg kick. Oleinik isn’t liking these one bit.

Hunt just misses with an overhand. Missed punches from both men and a hook lands for Oleinik. Now another strike lands for Oleinik and Hunt staggers to the mat for a moment and then stands back up, seemingly ok.

Oleinik looking for takedown. He doesn’t get it at first, but then keeps working and does bring Hunt down. This is Oleinik’s world and Hunt has to be extremely careful here.

Oleinik is on Hunt’s back and starts working for a rear-naked choke. He’s patient as he looks for the right angle of attack, then sinks it in tight and it’s not long before ‘The Super Samoan’ is forced to tap out with 4.26mins on the clock!

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