Alonzo Menifield TKO’s Askar Mozharov In First Round At UFC Fight Night 207

Alonzo Menifield was able to TKO the debuting Askar Mozharov late in the first round with elbow strikes at today’s UFC Fight Night 207 event.

Round One:

Huge right hand from Menifield to start and then follows up with another punch before going in on a takedown attempt and landing it.

Menifield in half-guard here, but Mozharov manages to get him back to full guard. Menifield postures up but not landing much in the way of offense yet.

Finally Menifield starts to land a few short right hands to the head and moves to half-guard. He tries to pass again, but is unable to and soon after Mozharov is able to get back to his feet.

Mozharov immediately starts swinging for the fences and Menifield only narrowly avoids that with head movement. He continues to try to be aggressive and is even yelling as he presses forward again, but Menifield wisely opts to just drive in and land another takedown.

This time Menifield gets to side control and is able to get the crucifix position then starts landing punishing blows to Mozharov’s exposed head and a barrage of nasty of elbows leads to the TKO finish at the 4.40min mark.

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