According to Anderson Silva’s long-time boxing coach Luiz Dorea, the former champion re-injured the leg he broke in his second fight with Chris Weidman back in 2013 during his shock decision loss to Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 84 on Saturday.

“He felt a kick he landed in the first round, thought he cracked his leg and a screw moved,” Dorea told “That limited his movements, made him stop attacking for a moment. I asked him to attack, but he said ‘professor, I’m feeling it, I have no confidence’. I said ‘use your heart, you’re Anderson Silva, go after him’. That slowed him down a bit.”

Thankfully it turns out that Silva won’t require surgery on the affected limb, though he was left in considerable discomfort after the fight was over.

“Silva did some exams after the fight,” Dorea said. “He suffered an injury, but the screw didn’t move. I don’t know how bad the injury was, but I know the screw didn’t move and he won’t need a surgery. He was in pain in the locker room, but he won’t need surgery. He was in pain, he couldn’t even put his shoes on, but he’s fine now.”

Silva has been calling for a rematch with Bisping in Brazil after claiming in the cage on Saturday night that the judges were corrupt after all three declared Bisping the winner by unanimous decision.

According to Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, the former champion would then be willing to do a trilogy fight in Las Vegas.