Anderson Silva’s next fight has still yet to be arranged, but it’s looking more and more likely that his opponent will be Chris Weidman, and it’s fair to say the champion as less than enthused by the match-up.

“The people talk, blah blah, blah,” Silva tells Fuel TV’s Karyn Bryant in a new interview aired on the UFC Tonight show. “Maybe this time for fight. It’s good for Chris Weidman, not for me. It’s good for the boy, the kid.”

After watching the segment Weidman took to his Twitter account to vent his frustration at Silva’s comments.

“Anderson says I’m just a “kid” then he should have no problem dominating me and moving on to his next opponent, right? So what’s the problem?,” Weidman asked.

With a perfect 9-0 record that includes five victories inside the UFC, Weidman is the clear No.1 contender in the division at this time, so it is a fight that makes sense.

At the same time I do understand Silva’s lack of enthusiasm. At the age of 37 Silva’s main motivation now appears to be big fights with the likes of Georges St.Pierre, and Weidman just isn’t in that category yet.

The show must go on though, and like it or not it appears that Silva is going to have to fight Weidman, and if that does prove to be the case he’ll have to be careful not to underestimate him.

Watch Silva’s full interview on Fuel TV below.