Anderson Silva is finally set to face a Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing later this week to face multiple drug test charges relating to his UFC 183 fight with Nick Diaz on January 31st of this year, and it appears that the former middleweight champion’s legal team are going to present a rather unusual defense.

According to the Combate site in Brazil, Silva’s main defense against the charge of having tested positive for the steroid drostanolone both in and out of competition will be that he took it inadvertently via “sexual performance” medication.

“[Silva was] Administering or using a supplement for the purpose of enhancing sexual performance and testing of the supplement revealed that the supplement was contaminated with an Exogenous Anabolic Agent: Drostanolone metabolite,” states Silva’s lawyer Michael Alonso.

Silva also tested positive for androstane which his legal team believe could have come from another supplement Silva was taking at the time.

Another key component of Silva’s defense will be that there were inconsistencies in two tests that he underwent in the lead-up to the fight, though at this stage it doesn’t appear that they are going to contest the test on the night of the fight.

Silva’s lawyers had delayed tomorrow’s hearing multiple times as they looked to prepare a thorough defense against the charges laid against the legendary fighter, and they are calling for no disciplinary action of any form to be taken against their client.

Meanwhile, Silva, who turned 40 years old earlier this year, stated last week that he is “confident” that the inconsistencies his legal team found in some of the drug tests he underwent will help clear his name.