Andrea Lee Defeats Veronica Macedo By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 129

Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee made a successful start to her UFC career tonight at UFC Fight Night 129 with a convincing decision victory over Veronica Macedo.

Round One:

Lee with an early leg kick as Macedo looks to counter with punches. Both women trading leg kicks here. Lee lands one and Macedo then presses forward with a series of left and rights to back up ‘KGB’.

They get in close and Lee works some knees from the clinch. Breaking free Macedo soon unleashes her first spinning kick attack of the fight, but there’s likely to be more on the way.

‘KGB’ starting to work her punches now. Macedo clinches up against the cage, but Lee reverses the position. Macedo gets back in the dominant position as they continue to jockey for position. Lee lands some solid knees to the midsection, getting good purchase on those.

Lee getting the better of this and then is able to bring Macedo to the mat. Lee stays upright and chips away at her grounded opponent’s legs with kicks until the ref stands them back up.

On the stand-up Macedo looks for punches. she lands a kick upstairs and ‘KGB’ seems dazed for a moment. Macedo presses forward looking for more offense but Lee clears the cobwebs and then executes a nice takedown.

Lee moves quickly for a rear-naked choke, but Macedo survives for now. Lee still on Macedo’s back and looking to work for another submission in the final seconds of the round, but there’s not enough time to make it work.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Lee. Spinning kick from Macedo just misses. Right hand gets through from her as they trade at range. Head kick attempt from Lee is blocked.

Lee moves into the clinch and lands knees. Working against the cage she’s working well from the thai clinch. She goes for a head and arm throw and lands it. Macedo almost reverses, but they get back up and then Lee again has her down and this time works from inside her opponent’s guard.

Lee opts to exit out and stand over Macedo, landing kicks to the legs. She drags Macedo towards the center of the Octagon and lands a few more kicks.

The ref stands the two fighters back up. Three-piece combo from Macedo. Lee clinches, gets the body lock and tries for a takedown that doesn’t work out. Macedo then goes for her own attempt, working a trip and does get ‘KGB’ down. However, Lee then transitions on top close to the cage.

Macedo works for a kneebar and Lee grimaces. Lee repositions, breaks free and immediately starts working for an arm triangle choke.

With only 10 seconds left there’s not enough time to finish the submission, so Lee goes to mount and works ground and pound, but Macedo looks to escape.

Round Three:

Macedo with a couple of one-two combos to start the third. Lee moves for the clinch, but gets pushed away. Macedo again looking for punches, but again ‘KGB’ goes to the clinch and this time brings Macedo down in the center of the cage.

Lee passed to half guard and then continues to improve her position, but as in the previous rounds then opts to stand over Macedo and land kicks to the legs.

Macedo showing a lack of urgency, remaining on her back. The ref stands them up eventually. They trade punches. Macedo lands and as she’s done so often the fight, ‘KGB’ gets to the clinch and lands knees.

Lee brings Macedo to the mat again. In side control she lands a solid elbow to the head and then passes to mount. Macedo immediately gives up her back and Lee takes it.

Lee lands a hard elbow to Macedo’s head. Macedo tries to roll out and Lee goes for an armbar that doesn’t work out. Macedo shakes her off and ends up on top, but only briefly. Lee returns to the dominant position and ends the round in control.


Little doubt about the winner here. Lee showed well-rounded skills and had particular success in the clinch and on the mat hunting for submissions, and that earns her a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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