Antonio Silva got back to winning ways tonight at UFC 190 as he TKO’d Soa Palelei early in the second round.

Round One:

Silva takes the center of the Octagon to start. Big knee from Silva early, but Palelei catches his leg and presses him to the cage. He’s working for the single leg takedown, but for now Silva is defending.

He gives up on it for now, but remains in the clinch and lands some short punches before backing away.

Palelei fires out the jab. Silva throws a big punch, but Palelei defends. Palelei with a kick to the body. Silva attempts a front kick to the head, but it just misses.

Jabs from Palelei. Silva lands a solid punch. Silva lands another knee and then it’s his turn to clinch against the cage. He lands a knee to the thigh and then tries to work a takedown, but is unsuccessful and goes back to the clinch.

More knees to the thighs from Silva, but then Palelei very nicely times a trip takedown with around 90 seconds to work.

For now he’s working from half guard. Not doing too much with the position for now, but Palelei does posture up briefly and lands a few hammerfists. Silva moves him into his full guard. Palelei postures up looking for strikes, but only in the final few seconds of the round does he start to land some effective ground and pound.

Round Two:

Silva with a low kick. He misses with a strike, but then lands a good uppercut and Palelei looks to have been hurt by that. Silva starts to lands a few strikes including a knee with Palelei backed up against the cage and looking to have retreated into defensive mode.

Silva starts to blast away at him with punches and an uppercut sinks Palelei to the mat followed by a few left hands that secures a TKO stoppage with just 41 seconds of the second round gone.