Beneil Dariush Defeats Mateusz Gamrot By Unanimous Decision At UFC 280

Beneil Dariush was able to get the better of Mateusz Gamrot over three rounds of fighting today at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Gamrot lands to the body and immediately tries for a takedown, but Dariush brushes him off. Dariush attempts a head kick that’s blocked.

Dariush rushes into a big kick and Gamrot counters with a takedown attempt. Dariush with good balance to stifle that, but they end up scrambling repeatedly in the center of the Octagon.

Now back up with Gamrot pressing Dariush into the cage. Dariush gets free. Dariush presses forward and Gamrot lands a nice jab.

Good leg kick for Dariush. he lands another, but a punch lands for Gamrot in response. Gamrot manufactures a takedown off a kick from his opponent. Dariush immediately working for a leg lock though.

They scramble back upright and Gamrot has the back as he clinches against the cage.

They break apart. Gamrot eagerly working for another takedown. Awkward position here with Gamrot trying to finish this takedown, but Dariush trying to find a way to get on top.

Dariush up to his feet and pushes Gamrot away. Solid body kick lands for Dariush. Gamrot almost catches it, but he wrenches his leg free from his grip.

Another body kick for Dariush and again as Gamrot was working a front kick.

Round Two:

Gamrot tries for a front kick upstairs and trying to go straight into a takedown, but then abandons on it.

Gamrot again working for a takedown and Dariush prevents it. Dariush with a body kick and Gamrot lands punches on the counter.

jab for Dariush. Dariush steps into a hard knee to the body. Back to the body kick for Dariush. Now he does well to step away from another takedown attempt.

Gamrot with the jab. Now he lands a nice counter punch over the top. ab for Dariush. Jab for Gamrot. He reaches for a takedown and Dariush bites on it and overcommits to the sprawl. Now Gamrot going for it against and Dariush has to quickly defend again.

Dariush looks for a big punch, but Gamrot ducks underneath and tries for the takedown, but Dariush showing excellent takedown defense.

Big punch thrown from Dariush. Now a kick. He tries for a head kick but misses. he lands a left hand. Dariush misses a jab, but land the second one behind it. Nice on-two for Dariush.

Body kick for Dariush. Good counter punch landing for Gamrot. Gamrot tries for a head kick. Now he’s jumping into a knee and then into the clinch. He works for a takedown and lands it in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Dariush with a jab to set up a takedown, but Dariush defends well and gets back up.

Jab and then a leg kick on the other side from Dariush. He lands another leg kick. Kick from Gamrot. Gamrot just misses with a head kick attempt.

Big swing but a miss from Gamrot. Nice kick to the body from Dariush. Missed front kick to the head from Gamrot.

Left hand for Dariush. Clash of kicks. Gamrot with a takedown attempt, but Dariush battling hard to stay upright. Gamrot still working on this against the cage, but great balance from Dariush and gets the fight back to striking range.

Dariush steps into a left hand. He looks for that again. Body kick for Gamrot.

Massive left hand from Dariush floors Gamrot. Huge connection, but Gamrot quickly gets back up and goes back to the striking battle.

Gamrot trying to pressure but needs to let his strikes go. He tries for a big knee. Gamrot trying for the takedown again and gets it, but Dariush is on his knees and drives back to his feet.


Impressive performance from Dariush here then, showing tremendous technical takedown defense and landed the heavier blows in the striking exchanges to earn a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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