Brad Pickett Taps Out Damacio Page At UFC On Fuel TV 2

Brad Pickett put on an exciting performance in Sweden en-route a submission finish against Damacio Page tonight at UFC On Fuel TV 2.

The first round was fast and frenetic. Page came out swinging for the fences, but Pickett took advantage of that and was able to take him down, though it was not long before they were back to their feet.

Page the returned the favor with a takedown of his own, but Pickett escapes and as they get back up he manages to slam Page back onto the canvas.

The action settles on the floor for a while with Pickett landing some ground and pound shots before page manages to force the Brit to retreat back to his feet by threatening with a submission.

Pickett also manages to land a few worthwhile blows on the feet and also secure a further two takedowns before the eventful first round comes to a close.

Onto round two and Pickett looks the fresher fighter, quickly landing yet another takedown, though Page scrambles back to his feet.

Then comes a big left hook from Pickett and it sends Page reeling backwards onto the canvas. Pickett wades in with some big blows up against the Octagon. He manages to trap one of Page’s arms too and things looked pretty grim for him here as the referee came in to take a closer look.

Pickett opts to abandon his ground and pound assault and go for a guillotine, but that gives Page an opportunity to scramble and he ends up on top.

They then go back to the stand-up battle and Pickett is unleashing bombs, connecting with a bombing uppercut followed up by hooks which have Page hurt again.

Page sinks to his knees and Pickett swiftly takes his back and drives in rear-naked choke, and the tap comes soon after with 4.05mins on the clock.

So Pickett gets his first victory inside the Octagon and demonstrates why he’s one of the most exciting fighters on the bantamweight roster.


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